Great Western Railway 1P26 from Oxford to Reading by Train (for Gatwick Airport)

Great Western Railway (GWR) Train from Oxford to Reading (for Gatwick Airport)

Heading from Oxford to Berlin, I found a cheap easyJet flight departing from London Gatwick Airport. While the airline LGW bus would have been direct, going by train was cheaper for me with a 26-30 Railcard. With just cabin baggage on me, taking the train was a no-brainer since it’s cheaper and I like trains.

Oxford Railway Station

Heading through the gate line at Oxford Railway Station.

My first train looks to be on time departing at 12.32pm.

My first train towards Gatwick Airport – Great Western Railway 1P26 from Oxford to Reading. This train originated from Great Malvern.

The “no entry” sign seems to be just a social distancing sticker and the door opened by passengers disembarking.

The interior of the Class 800 Intercity Express Train (IET).

The legroom on board the IET.

Departing from Oxford.

Taking the bypass wye at Didcot Parkway.

Passing by Oxford Road Railway Station inside Didcot Railway Centre on the Main Demonstration Line.

The Didcot Railway Centre Main Demonstration Line follows alongside the bypass line.

Passing by Didcot Parkway Railway Station.

Approaching Didcot East Junction, merging with the main line.

A trolley service was available on board this train.

Approaching Reading Railway Station.

Reading Railway Station

My Great Western Railway 1P26 train from Oxford arrived at Reading at 12.56pm – 2 minutes late. This leaves me with a very tight connection to my connecting Gatwick Airport train departing at 1.01pm.

Heading up the escalator to the transfer bridge.

My Gatwick Airport train would be departing from Platform 4. And I only have 40 seconds to make it.

Heading down the escalator to the direction of Platform 4.

Unfortunately for me, Platform 4 wasn’t in front of the escalator, but rather, located at the bay platforms at the end of this part of the concourse.

I see my train just ahead, but I also see a dispatcher.

True enough, my planned Gatwick Airport train departed right in front of me. Trains in the UK may close their doors 1 to 2 minute before departure and depart 1 minute before departure time from the origin station. Unfortunately for me, no delays were happening, and my train departed early. Even if the train is suggested by the online journey planner, connections are not protected.

After speaking with the dispatcher, I was advised to catch the next train to Redhill and change to another train for Gatwick Airport from there.

The next train to Redhill would be departing from Reading at 1.20pm.

Oxford to Gatwick Airport by Train Travel Experience:

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