The Peak: Where Hordes of Tourists Are Unbelievably No Longer Found – BONUS: FREE Lookout Points!

The Peak Empty 001

The Peak is usually the first attraction for tourists visiting Hong Kong, especially for the first time. After alighting from the Peak Tram and heading out of the Peak Tower, I was greeted by this empty sight.

Where is everybody?

Preserved 4th Generation Peak Tram – Hong Kong Tourism Board Visitor Centre

The Peak Empty 002

Since there’s absolutely no one hanging around The Peak Piazza now, I headed to the preserved 4th Generation Peak Tram for some photos first – something which I have never been able to take a clean shot of.

The Peak Empty 003

The preserved 4th Generation Peak Tram at The Peak, now operating as the Hong Kong Tourism Board Visitor Centre.

The Peak Empty 004The Peak Empty 005

The office area in the Hong Kong Tourism Board Visitor Centre in the 4th Generation Peak Tram.

The Peak Empty 006

The public area to pick up some brochures and to sit on one of the original wooden benches on board.

The Peak Empty 007

The opening hours of the Hong Kong Tourism Board Hong Kong Island Visitor Centre are from 11am to 8pm daily. As I arrived after 8pm, the Hong Kong Tourism Board Hong Kong Island Visitor Centre had already closed.

Lion’s Pavilion Lookout

The Peak Empty 016

Next, I headed to the popular free lookout point a short 1-minute walk away – The Lion’s Pavilion Lookout.

The Peak Empty 015

The Lion’s Pavilion Lookout is shockingly empty. Aren’t tourists supposed to be trampling over each other here?

The Peak Empty 014

It is so easy to find a clean spot to shoot the Hong Kong skyline from here now without 12 tourists’ heads blocking you.

The Peak Empty 008The Peak Empty 011The Peak Empty 012

The solemn Hong Kong skyline on a clear night.

The Peak Empty 009

Two International Finance Centre standing prominently.

The Peak Empty 010

The International Commerce Centre standing tall too in Kowloon.

The Peak Empty 013

Once done looking out, I headed back to the main area.

Peak Galleria Free Observation Deck

The Peak Empty 017The Peak Empty 018

The Peak Galleria had also recently been renovated, so I decided to head in to check it out.

The Peak Empty 028

Due to the early MTR closures, most shops have also closed in order for the staff to catch the MTR back home, so there’s nothing to look around in the mall.

The Peak Empty 020

There is also a free observation deck in the renovated Peak Galleria, so I headed there too.

The Peak Empty 019

Heading up to the free observation deck. (Yes, McDonald’s was closed too. Shocking.)

The Peak Empty 021The Peak Empty 022

Heading out to the free observation deck.

The Peak Empty 024

The Peak Galleria free observation deck was empty, perhaps eerily empty, considering that it’s a free proper lookout point at The Peak.

The Peak Empty 023

As the Peak Galleria is located further back from Peak Tower, there is a view of the southern part of Hong Kong Island towards Aberdeen.

The Peak Empty 025

The Peak Tower stands in front of the Peak Galleria.

The Peak Empty 026

The viewing spot of the Hong Kong skyline has barely 20 people there.

The Peak Empty 027

The view down from the Peak Galleria free observation deck. Looks similar to the Sky Terrace 428 and Lion’s Pavilion Lookout.

Overall, a pretty good experience with the lack of crowds, though it’s probably worrying if I were working for HKTB to see this drop to almost zero tourists on The Peak. With these free lookout spots on The Peak, you need not spend extra money on the Sky Terrace 428 any more.

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