Trans Batam Corridor 01 • Sekupang-Batam Centre Central Busway

The Trans Batam Corridor 01 is one of the most heavily utlised busway corridors in the Trans Batam network, plying the route between Sekupang and Batam Centre via Sei Harapan, Tiban, UIB, Simpang Jam, Simpang Sei Panas, Kantor Walikota and Mega Mall.

View the dedicated Trans Batam service information page here.

From Sekupang Ferry Terminal, the Trans Batam Sekupang halt is located around 5 minutes away. Turn right after exiting the terminal and walk straight along the main road.

The Trans Batam Sekupang halt is just after the first traffic junction after the Sekupang Domestic Ferry Terminal.

One of the bigger Hino buses serving Corridor 01.

The ticket window is visible on the left of this picture. You can purchase your ticket at this window if you are a paying with a big note as they are more likely to have change as compared to the conductor on board.

My trip to Batam Centre would be served by this blue midibus instead of the bigger Hino bus.

Inside the waiting room or the departure platform of the halt. A staff will open the platform door once the bus is ready for boarding.

My ticket as purchased from the Sekupang halt.

The interior of the midibus.

A typical busway halt en route to Batam Centre. Only major halts have ticket counters available. Tickets can be purchased on board the bus as well.

A passenger flagging down the bus at an upcoming halt.

The conductor assisting the driver to stop at the correct stopping point of the busway platform and assists the passenger in boarding if necessary.

After passing a few halts where heavy boarding was expected, the conductor came around to check and sell tickets. An adult ticket goes for Rp. 4,000 (S$0.42).

My ticket after being inspected. The conductor takes the left portion of the ticket.

Passing by Simpang Jam or Clock Junction in English, with a new flyover being built to alleviate some jams.

Approaching Batam Centre Central Busway.

Batam Centre Central Busway halt. Do note that the Trans Batam is an open-system BRT-like system without dedicated lanes and integrated ticketing. If you need to transfer buses, you need a new ticket for the next journey.

Trans Batam services operate frequently at around 15 to 30 minutes intervals depending on the peak period and sectors, which makes it a reliable and affordable transport option other than just getting taxis around, and you can explore Batam at your own time without visiting the typical places with a tour group.

View the dedicated Trans Batam service information page here.


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