Trans Batam Corridor 03 • Sekupang-Jodoh

The Trans Batam Corridor 03 is one of the most heavily utlised busway corridors in the Trans Batam network, plying the route between Sekupang and Jodoh via Sei Harapan, Tiban, UIB, Simpang Baloi, Penuin, Nagoya, Simpang McDonald’s, Terminal Jodoh, DC Mall and Pasar Induk.

View the dedicated Trans Batam service information page here.

The Trans Batam Corridor 03 operates with a mix of high capacity buses and midi buses.

Boarding the bigger Hino bus from the Sekupang halt.

The interior of the Hino bus.

There is a main sliding door in the middle of the bus similar to the TransJakarta, the pioneer busway in Indonesia.

There is also a wheelchair space on the bus though not all halts on the Trans Batam network are wheelchair accessible. I wonder if the buses were initially made for TransJakarta but were shipped here instead.

The Trans Batam Corridor 03 is the only route serving Nagoya Hill, as such, the demand for this service is quite high.

The usual jams at Nagoya.

The bus will rest at Jodoh for a short while before continuing on to DC Mall where it loops back to Sekupang. While Jodoh is the technical other end of the line, the actual u-turn is made at DC Mall.

For kerb-level halts, the bus will use the front door with steps for boarding and alighting.

Do note that the Trans Batam is an open-system BRT-like system without dedicated lanes and integrated ticketing. If you need to transfer buses, you need a new ticket for the next journey.

Trans Batam services operate frequently at around 15 to 30 minutes intervals depending on the peak period and sectors, which makes it a reliable and affordable transport option other than just getting taxis around, and you can explore Batam at your own time without visiting the typical places with a tour group.

View the dedicated Trans Batam service information page here.

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