Translink Metro Bus 96 from Upper Queen Street (City Centre) to Belfast Port (Victoria Terminal 4) by Bus

Translink Metro Bus 96 from Upper Queen Street (City Centre) to Belfast Port

Heading back to Edinburgh with my Rail & Sail ticket, I started my journey back to Belfast Port (Victoria Terminal 4) with Translink Metro Bus 96. From Belfast city centre, Translink Metro Bus 96 departs from Upper Queen Street, 2 streets to the west of Belfast City Hall. This Translink Metro Bus 96 transfer is not included in the National Rail Rail & Sail to Belfast and Ireland Ordinary Promotion ticket, and must be paid separately as a regular public bus service. The National Rail Rail & Sail ticket only includes the ticket for ferry travel from Belfast (via Cairnryan) with Stena Line, coach link between Cairnryan and Ayr, and rail from any Scottish station.

Upper Queen Street (City Centre)

Translink Metro Bus 96 departs from Upper Queen Street in Belfast city centre, 2 streets to the west of Belfast City Hall.

The bus stop for Translink Metro Bus 96 is well-signed.

The service information of Translink Metro Bus 96 at Upper Queen Street. The Translink Metro Bus 96 connection to the 11.30am Stena Line ferry departs at 9.40am from Upper Queen Street.

About 7 minutes before departure, the driver starts up the bus with the bus information of 96, and opens the bus for boarding.

Payment can be made on board by contactless bank cards, online, with a Metro or Glider dayLink card (but you may not hold one immediately after arriving from Scotland or buy one at the terminal), or buy on the mLink app.

Do note that a single from Belfast Port to Donegall Place costs £2.10 by contactless bank card or mLink app, but an mLink Off Peak Day Ticket valid after 9.30am from Mondays to Sundays costs only £3. So if you are considering taking another bus in the same day, just buy the mLink Off Peak Day Ticket from the mLink app.

As I was going to do just 1 trip in Belfast that morning, I simply used contactless payment for this 1 trip, costing me £2.10 for the Translink Metro Bus 96 bus ride to Belfast Port (Victoria Terminal 4).

The interior of the Translink Metro Volvo B9TL lower deck, which could be useful if you are travelling with big luggage.

Luggage can also be placed on the luggage rack above the wheel hub.

Otherwise, head to the upper deck for lots of space.

Since the bus was pretty much empty, I went ahead to take the front seat for a front view.

Departing from Upper Queen Street right on time at 9.40am.

Passing by Wellington Place Glider bus stop.

Passing by Belfast City Hall.

There are dedicated bus lanes in Belfast city centre, which speeds up bus travel times sometimes.

Passing by the Jaffe Memorial Fountain.

Passing by the Albert Memorial Clock.

Following the road on to Belfast Port. Interestingly, the road signs state the port or terminal for Stena Line ferries as simply “Stena Line”.

Passing by Asda Living Belfast.

Turning right at the junction before Yorkgate Railway Station.

Heading on to Duncrue Street.

Passing by the Translink Milewater Service Centre for Glider buses and other Translink vehicles.

Translink Metro Bus 96 serves the industrial areas on Dargan Crescent en route to Belfast Port (Victoria Terminal 4).

Turning onto the main Dargan Road.

Passing by The Seahorse.

More Stena Line signs along the way.

Looking out to Belfast Harbour.

Following the road to Stena Line Cairnryan.

Passing by Belfast Port (Victoria Terminal 2) for the Stena Line ferry to Liverpool.

Passing by Belfast Container Terminal.

Belfast Port (Victoria Terminal 4)

Entering Belfast Port (Victoria Terminal 4).

Translink Metro Bus 96 takes the lane to the terminal set down.

Hello Stena Superfast VII.

Heading to the coach bay area.

The Translink Metro Bus 96 stopped at the proper bus stop bay at Belfast Port (Victoria Terminal 4).

My Translink Metro Bus 96 journey from Upper Queen Street (City Centre) to Belfast Port took 23 minutes.

From here, I walked into the passenger terminal to check-in for my 11.30am Stena Line ferry to Cairnryan on the first leg of my return Rail & Sail journey.

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