Wakayama Electric Railway

The Wakayama Electric Railway is a private railway company which operates the single track Kishigawa Line in Wakayama. Meant for local usage, the line’s terminal, Kishi Station, is also home to the world-famous Super Stationmaster Tama, one of the line’s feline station masters.

To get to the railway, you can transfer from the JR platforms at Wakayama Station through to the Kishigawa Line without the need of exiting the station.

Just follow the pawprints to get to the platform.

Or the images of Tama.

The Wakayama Electric Railway operates a fleet of 6 2270 Series EMUs, 3 of which are themed. There is the Omoden (Toy Train) , the Ichigoden (Strawberry Train) and of course, the Tamaden (Tama Train).

The exterior and interior of Ichigo Densha.

The exterior and interior of Tama Densha.

The exterior and interior of a normal train.

The 6 trains were originally built for the Nankai Electric Railway before being transferred here. The 3 normal trains bear the original Nankai livery.

Kishi station was rebuilt to a Tama theme in July 2010. Tama’s office include a soft basket and a climbing tree, of course with her name plate at her window.

The station also has a Tama Cafe where you can get some Tama-themed refreshments while waiting for your train.

To complete your trip, the Tama Museum, or souvenir shop, is located beside Tama’s office.

Meanwhile at Idakiso Station, Super Stationmaster Nitama is on duty. Nitama has taken over Tama’s duties and office at Kishi Station.

To find out the working schedule of Tama and Nitama, visit this link.

Getting Here
Location: Wakayama – Idakiso – Kishi
Company: Wakayama Electric Railway
Line: Kishigawa Line
Fare: 620 yen

Suggested journey from Kyoto or Osaka
Location: Kyoto; Shin-Osaka; Tennoji
Company: JR West
Train: Limited Express Kuroshio
Fare: 2350 yen (Fare:¥ 860  Seat Fee:¥ 1,490)
Train: Kishuji Rapid Service
Fare: 860 yen from Tennoji

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