Changi Business Park Plane Spotting Area Being Fenced Up?

Changi Business Park Plane Spotting

Changi Business Park is a popular place for plane spotting afternoon arrivals into Runway 02L at Singapore Changi Airport with the open fields and clear line of sight of the arriving aircraft. I’ve been going to Changi Business Park, albeit infrequently, for about 10 years now if I fancy a bit of plane spotting without double windows in the airport terminals.

Changi Business Park Plane Spotting Shelter

This is a familiar shelter among planespotters as it leads to the field where you planespot. Once needing to trek from Expo MRT Station or to get a short taxi ride from Changi Airport Terminal 2 with a pissed off taxi driver, access to this spot is made easier with the opening of Changi Business Park Bus Terminal and new bus services terminating there.

On Vesak Day, 26 May 2021, I was rudely greeted with this fence.

Granted, there’s a small gap to the right but it had tall grass and I did not want to risk running into wild Pokémon.

Changi Business Park Plane Spotting Open Field

Walking further down the road, there is a portion of fence not set up yet, so I used this gap to enter the field.

Most of the entire perimeter of this open field has already been fenced up.

Changi Business Park Fence Installation

Even on a public holiday, workers were seen working on the fence.

More fences waiting to be screwed in place.

Looking at other plots of land around, not including this planespotting field, some trees have also been cleared in favour of the new fence.

More fences getting ready to be put up around empty fields.

Even thee empty plot of land outside Changi Business Park Bus Terminal has not been spared.

I’m not sure if the fence will be fully installed by the next time I get there. With most if not all open fields being fenced up, it’s going to be very difficult to photograph incoming arrivals on Runway 02L in the afternoons any more.

This article will be further updated on the ongoing fence situation the next time I visit Changi Business Park for planespotting.

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