Deutsche Bahn Flughafen Express (FEX) from Flughafen BER Terminal 1-2 to Berlin Hauptbahnhof (tief) by Airport Express Train

Deutsche Bahn Flughafen Express (FEX) Berlin Airport Express Train from Flughafen BER Terminal 1-2 to Berlin Hauptbahnhof (tief)

The Deutsche Bahn Flughafen Express (FEX) is Berlin Brandenburg Airport’s Airport Express Train operating between Flughafen BER Terminal 1-2 and Berlin Hauptbahnhof or Berlin Central Railway Station, making 2 brief stops at 2 other major railway stations in Berlin.

Berlin Brandenburg Airport Terminal 1

Following my dinner after arriving from my easyJet flight from London Gatwick, I headed down from the arrival hall following signs pointing towards the train station.

Signs immediately point you to the platform here, but don’t get too excited and run down. You must buy your ticket first.

Purchase your FEX ticket from the ticket machines.

There is no premium fare for this airport express train. The only slight fare “premium” is that Flughafen BER Terminal 1-2 is located in Zone C, so you need a Berlin ABC ticket if travelling into the city.

My ticket for the DB FEX from Flughafen BER Terminal 1-2 to Berlin Hauptbahnhof (tief). Notice that there is nothing special about the ticket – the FEX does not charge a premium fare despite it being an airport express train, and uses regular public transport fare zones.

Heading down to Platform 1 where the next FEX was departing from.

Flughafen BER Terminal 1-2 Railway Station

Another 15 minutes to departure.

It’s important to find these validators anywhere round – you MUST validate your ticket before travelling. Failure to have a validated ticket is equivalent to travelling without a valid ticket.

Insert your ticket and feel the machine punch the date on it.

My validated Berlin ABC ticket for this FEX trip to Berlin city. This ticket is valid for 120 minutes from the time of validation as printed by the validator.

An incoming FEX arrived shortly from Berlin. This same train would turn around to form my train to Berlin Hbf.

The FEX operates with a DB 147 Bombardier TRAXX locomotive and a rake of 4 high/low entrance Dostos coaches.

Push the button to open doors.

Mind the step and gap between the train and the platform.

The interior on board 2nd class on the FEX.

A small side table is available on bay seats of 4.

The view of the upper deck from my seat.

My FEX departed from Flughafen BER Terminal 1-2 on time at 9.15pm.

Berlin Ostkreuz Railway Station

Making a brief stop at Berlin Ostkreuz Railway Station. Ostkreuz means East Cross, located on the ring, and Berlin Ostkreuz Railway Station is the busiest interchange station in Berlin.

Berlin Gesundbrunnen Railway Station

Making a brief stop at Berlin Gesundbrunnen Railway Station.

Berlin Hauptbahnhof (tief) Railway Station

Arriving at Berlin Hauptbahnhof (tief). Tief means “deep” which refers to the underground platforms at Berlin Hauptbahnhof. The lower platforms of Berlin Hauptbahnhof align north-south while the upper platforms align east-west.

Heading down from the upper deck.

Push the button to open doors.

Peeking in at the lower deck. Seats are similar with additional floor space for luggage.

The FEX airport express train journey from Flughafen BER Terminal 1-2 to Berlin Hauptbahnhof (tief) takes 30 minutes.

Heading up the escalators to exit the station.

Signs in Ukrainian with Ukraine flag colours welcome Ukrainian refugees to Berlin, pointing to a welcome centre and facilities around Berlin Hauptbahnhof.

Heading out to the Washingtonplatz exit where my hostel is.

The façade of Berlin Hauptbahnhof at Washingtonplatz.


The Deutsche Bahn Flughafen Express (FEX) is a fast, easy, and direct way to travel from Berlin Brandenburg Airport to the city without a premium fare. As train and bus fares are standardised for most public transport in Berlin, all I had to really think about was how to make the most direct connections rather than thinking of the cheapest fare versus travel time for the best value.

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