Hostel Review: MEININGER Hotel Berlin Central Station Bed In A Dormitory (2022)

MEININGER Hotel Berlin Central Station • Bed In A Dormitory

MEININGER Hotel Berlin Central Station, as the name suggests, is located right outside Berlin Hauptbahnhof (Berlin Central Station), which makes for a really convenient location to get my bearings right on my first trip to Berlin.

Arriving at late night from the Flughafen Express (FEX) Airport Express Train, it was very easy to find as the building was immediately visible after stepping out of Berlin Hauptbahnhof Washingtonplatz exit.

The façade of MEININGER Hotel Berlin Central Station.

Heading in to MEININGER Hotel Berlin Central Station.


Check-in was fuss-free with friendly front desk staff.

There is a dining area on the ground floor with vending machines outside of breakfast hours.

The corridor to the rooms were under a bit of renovation during my visit.

Bed In A Dormitory

I booked a “Bed In A Dormitory” which is in a room with 2 bunk beds, sleeping a total of 4 persons.

Common with Europe hostels, I was not assigned a particular bed, but was just told to see what was available inside the room. The only bed available for me was an upper bunk as the other 3 had guests in them already. Clean bedding and a towel was provided. A power socket is available by the pillow.

The toilet was available ensuite which was very convenient.

The toilet was reasonably clean.

A benefit of having an ensuite toilet in your hostel room is that you can leave your toiletries out.

Generic soap is provided in the standing shower.

A small table is also available by the window.

The view out to Washingtonplatz from my room.

A daytime look at MEININGER Hotel Berlin Central Station and Berlin Hauptbahnhof to show you how close they are.

Buffet Breakfast

On the first morning, I decided to try out their buffet breakfast. This costed me €7.90 during my visit, but the price is currently €9.90. As with most Europe hostel breakfasts, cold food were provided.

The central island has cold items of yoghurt, salad, and jams.

A side counter has cereal and toast.

Cold cuts and cheese, the main staple of cold buffet breakfasts in Europe.

Boiled eggs are available.

A selection of breads are provided.

Coffee and tea are available.

The most interesting might be this all-in-one drink dispenser which provides juices, water, and even sparkling water.

My selection of items from the buffet.


Overall, it was a pleasant and affordable stay at with the central location and comfortable dormitory beds which felt like a private room, with only a maximum of 3 neighbours and an ensuite toilet provided.

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