Development of KTM Komuter Subang Jaya Station Part 2

Since 30 June 2016, Subang Jaya is an interchange between the KTM Komuter and Kelana Jaya Line.

Read Part 1 here.

While the KTM Komuter is still using a single platform for its operations, the new concourse is ready for passenger service.

The old station building is now closed to passengers.

The new route map in the new concourse.

Escalators to the platform.

The concourse area for KTM Komuter.

The ticket counter, relative to the distance to the fare gate line.

The new ticket machines are also standing by for operations.

Just beside the KTM Komuter concourse is the Kelana Jaya Line’s, so transfers between the two systems is really easy here.

Ticket machines on the Kelana Jaya Line side.

The short distance between the Kelana Jaya Line and KTM Komuter.

Bi-directional escalators up to the station concourse. Access both the Kelana Jaya Line and KTM Komuter from this entrance.

The shops at the old station building are still open, but I’m not sure for how long more.

The new station facade of the integrated Kelana Jaya Line and KTM Komuter Subang Jaya station. Hopefully, future rail interchanges will have such a convenient design too.

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