DFDS Princess Seaways Economy Cabin Review • 2-Bed Inside Cabin Bunk Beds • Newcastle-Amsterdam Ferry

DFDS Princess Seaways Economy Cabin Review

For this DFDS Newcastle-Amsterdam North Sea ferry crossing, I booked an Economy Cabin as it was the cheapest option available. As per the room description during booking, my Economy Cabin is a “2-bed inside cabin, bunk beds”, otherwise known as an Interior Stateroom in cruise terminology. Perhaps even smaller since I’m getting a bunk bed and not a twin bed. Nevertheless, it was just a 1-night stay, and my journey is more for the experience of sailing on-board the DFDS Princess Seaways cruiseferry.

DFDS Princess Seaways Economy Cabin

Heading into my DFDS Princess Seaways Economy Cabin.

My boarding card is also my room key.

The overall interior of my Economy Cabin “2-bed inside cabin, bunk beds”. Surprisingly, it was more spacious than I had expected, with the presence of a sofa as well.

The lower bed was made up nicely, with towels provided as well.

The 2-seater sofa also has access to side tables on each seat.

The ladder is provided on the bulkhead by the door.

The upper berth is folded down by myself.

The ladder hooks on the upper berth for access.

A 2-pin EU power socket is provided by the side table and mirror.

The attached toilet is quite compact, with the toilet and shower sharing the same space.

A curtain separates the toilet from the shower, making the shower space even tighter with a triangle.

The sink width is the same as the combined toilet and shower width.


I was surprised that the Economy Cabin had a sofa in it, making the room more spacious than I had expected, since the room description for 2 passengers featured bunk beds and not twin beds. The toilet was very tight, though it is almost what I expected on a ferry cabin, just slightly smaller. But overall, for a simple overnight ferry crossing, the Economy Cabin does the job. The DFDS Princess Seaways being a cruiseferry, there are facilities on board to enjoy throughout the sailing, so the journey is not fully spent inside the cabin anyway.

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