DFDS Princess Seaways WiFi, Facilities, Activities & Entertainment • Newcastle-Amsterdam Ferry

DFDS Princess Seaways WiFi, Facilities, Activities & Entertainment

DFDS Princess Seaways, being a cruiseferry operating on the overnight Newcastle-Ijmuiden (Amsterdam) route, has a few facilities on board for passengers to spend time in while on board the sailing. Here are the facilities on board DFDS Princess Seaways for passengers.

Guest Service Centre

The Guest Service Centre is located on Deck 6 with staff on hand to handle any queries. This is also the place to check for on-board credits if pre-booked, and to book shore excursions on mini cruises.

Detailed deck plans are available here as well.

Click on the image to enlarge.


WiFi is available on board DFDS Princess Seaways, but it isn’t very cheap. Just 1 hour of basic internet costs 5 Euros.

WiFi Type Price Time Description
Surf Small 5 EUR 1h Web, messaging & email
Surf Medium 9 EUR 3h Web, messaging & email
Surf Large 17 EUR 24h Web, messaging, email & social media
Surf MiniCruise 26 EUR 44h Web, messaging, email & social media
Surf Streaming 22 EUR 24h Streaming, web, messaging, email & social media

*Surf Streaming package allows you to stream up to 2 films (1GB).

Free WiFi is available for all Commodore and Conference guests. Commodore passengers will receive a voucher in their cabin which should be taken to Guest Service Centre to redeem their free WiFi access.

Sea Shop

Sea Shop is the duty free shop on board DFDS Princess Seaways with quite a variety of products including souvenirs and alcohol.

There’s a selection of clothing in the Sea Shop like a department store.

Chocolates and sweets are also available here.

Prices are also quite cheap at 8 Euros for 10 Ritter Sports.

Souvenirs and mobile accessories are also available.

The selection of DFDS-branded souvenirs available at the Sea Shop.

Like a regular duty free shop, perfumes are also available.

Perhaps unsurprising is the extensive alcohol selection available on board.

Passengers going to the UK are allowed to bring 42 litres of beer18 litres of still wine, AND also 4 litres of spirits and other liquors over 22% alcohol OR 9 litres of sparkling wine, fortified wine (for example port, sherry) and other alcoholic drinks up to 22% alcohol (not including beer or still wine). The last allowance can also be split, for example, you could bring 4.5 litres of fortified wine and 2 litres of spirits (both half of your allowance).

Passengers going to the Netherlands are allowed to bring 1 litre of spirits, or 2 litres of wine, or 16 litres of beer.

It’ll be quite difficult to hit the beer limit to bring into the UK.

While spirits are just slightly cheaper than shore prices, wines are surprisingly very cheap.

The cheapest red or white wine costs only 3.50 Euros.

Lindeman’s here costs 6.99 Euros.

These alcohol can also be consumed on board but within your cabins only.

Kidz’ Club

Kidz’ Club is a small playground for children.


What I thought was going to be a big facility turned out to be a couple of small slot machines.

On a positive note, I played 25p of remnant credit someone left behind for 2 rounds and won myself a handsome sum of £1, quadrupling my capital which I didn’t even pay for.


There is also an arcade for games.

Massage Chairs

2 massage chairs are available on Deck 10 which reminded me of travelling in Malaysia where these are everywhere. This costs 2 Euros for 5 minutes.

Sky Bar

The Sky Bar is located at the highest deck of the ship at Deck 11 near the funnel. This is accessed by external stairs from Deck 9 or 10.

Navigators Pub

The Navigators Pub is located on Deck 8.

Live music can be found here during the sailing by performers.

Columbus Club

The Columbus Club is also located on Deck 8, behind the Navigators Pub.

A dance floor is available which probably comes alive at night.

Plenty of seating is available here.

There was also a live band playing during my sailing.

Towards the evening, the Columbus Club comes alive with a Bingo game. It’s like a must-do to play Bingo on a cruise.

Compass Bar

The Compass Bar is located on Deck 7.

The drinks menu seems to be similar across all bars. However, if you don’t need the atmosphere of sitting in a bar for a drink, the duty free alcohol is a lot cheaper than the bars.

Viewing Seats

If you’d like to lounge outside of bars, there are seats around the DFDS Princess Seaways ferry as well with a good view out of the ship.


Facilities are simple on board the DFDS Princess Seaways but it’s sufficient for just a 1-night cruiseferry journey. Dinner is shortly after sailing out from Amsterdam and arrival in IJmuiden (Amsterdam) is just after breakfast, so there’s not much facilities needed as well.

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