Flight Review: AirAsia AK6436 from Kuala Lumpur to Kota Bharu by Airbus A320-200

AirAsia AK6436 KUL KBR 002

AirAsia operates the Kuala Lumpur – Kota Bharu domestic route with 8 to 10 flights daily, making it the airline with the most daily flights between these two cities. With so many flights, it was easy to choose a flight timing at a good fare since the difference in flight times were just over an hour. I picked a cheap afternoon flight, AirAsia AK6436, to get to Kota Bharu to go back to JB by the Ekspres Rakyat Timuran later on.

AirAsia AK6436 KUL KBR 004

Heading to the check-in kiosks to print my boarding pass.

AirAsia AK6436 KUL KBR 005AirAsia AK6436 KUL KBR 006AirAsia AK6436 KUL KBR 007

Printing out my boarding pass from the check-in kiosk.

AirAsia AK6436 KUL KBR 008

My boarding pass for my AirAsia AK6436 flight from Kuala Lumpur (klia2) to Kota Bharu. As it was quite flimsy, the boarding pass just collapsed when holding it up so I had to take a flat-down picture on a random trolley.

AirAsia AK6436 KUL KBR 009

Not heading straight as I always do, this time, I had to go left for domestic departures.

AirAsia AK6436 KUL KBR 010

Heading to the domestic departures section.

AirAsia AK6436 KUL KBR 011AirAsia AK6436 KUL KBR 012

Heading for security screening to enter the domestic departures area.

AirAsia AK6436 KUL KBR 013

Once done with security, it’s an escalator ride down to the domestic departures area.

Unlike the international departures area, there is only one centralised security area before entering which makes so much sense rather than the international departures whereby there is security screening to the gate just downstairs after security screening to enter the area.

AirAsia AK6436 KUL KBR 014

Domestic gates are labelled J and K.

AirAsia AK6436 KUL KBR 015

The standalone J gates are on the left.

AirAsia AK6436 KUL KBR 016

The shared stands with international flights are at the K gates on the right.

AirAsia AK6436 KUL KBR 017AirAsia AK6436 KUL KBR 018

My flight was departing from Gate K16.

AirAsia AK6436 KUL KBR 019AirAsia AK6436 KUL KBR 020

Heading to the K gates on this travellator which was clearly an afterthought. The ramp on top of the ramp took a little bit of extra effort to ascend, I can’t imagine having to push a trolley without brakes on the travellator.

AirAsia AK6436 KUL KBR 021

Heading on to another afterthought travellator.

AirAsia AK6436 KUL KBR 022

The many domestic destinations served from klia2.

AirAsia AK6436 KUL KBR 023

If you had taken a trolley about 2 minutes before, now’s the time to return it as it is an escalator ride down to the gates.

AirAsia AK6436 KUL KBR 024

Heading down to the K gates.

AirAsia AK6436 KUL KBR 025AirAsia AK6436 KUL KBR 026

Hmm, I thought the international departures side was stale enough but this place looks like a hospital.

AirAsia AK6436 KUL KBR 027

Continuing on to Gate K16.

AirAsia AK6436 KUL KBR 028

About 40 minutes before departure, my gate was already open.

AirAsia AK6436 KUL KBR 029

Quite a busy gate with turnarounds of less than an hour.

AirAsia AK6436 KUL KBR 030AirAsia AK6436 KUL KBR 031

Queuing up to get my boarding pass checked to enter the gate.

AirAsia AK6436 KUL KBR 032

Boarding passes are simply scanned for boarding and not torn and taken.

AirAsia AK6436 KUL KBR 033

The gate hold room of Gate K16.

AirAsia AK6436 KUL KBR 034

As I was in an aisle seat with minimal baggage, I opted to be one of the last to board.

AirAsia AK6436 KUL KBR 035

Hmm, pulling a Ryanair here? The gate was closed even when passengers are still queuing to board.

AirAsia AK6436 KUL KBR 036AirAsia AK6436 KUL KBR 037

9M-AJK would be taking me from Kuala Lumpur to Kota Bharu today.

AirAsia AK6436 KUL KBR 038AirAsia AK6436 KUL KBR 039

Queuing up to board the plane.

AirAsia AK6436 KUL KBR 040

Heading down the aerobridge.

AirAsia AK6436 KUL KBR 041

Boarding the aircraft.

AirAsia AK6436 KUL KBR 042

ROKKI Wi-Fi is available on this aircraft.

AirAsia AK6436 KUL KBR 043

Heading to my seat.

AirAsia AK6436 KUL KBR 044

Here’s my aisle seat for today – Seat 23C.

AirAsia AK6436 KUL KBR 045

The legroom on board AirAsia’s Airbus A320-200.

The flight took off at 1.36pm – 26 minutes late due to the tight turnaround time and long taxi to the runway.

AirAsia AK6436 KUL KBR 046

Once the seat belt signs were switched off, the meal service began. However, as I was seated towards the rear, my food took a while to arrive since a bunch of others up front had also pre-boooked their meals.

For lunch, I pre-booked a Chef Hong’s Korean Sweet and Spicy Chicken (Dakgangjeong) for RM10.60 (~S$3.47) and a Vietnamese Chicken Wrap for RM9.54 (~S$3.12). As this is a domestic flight, SST is charged for pre-booked meals.

AirAsia AK6436 KUL KBR 047

Also something interesting which I’ve seen on AirAsia’s Facebook pages is the T&Co X Chatime Bandung Sago Pearl Milk Tea. Definitely had to try this in-flight.

To my surprise, the drink was actually mixed in front of you by the steward when you order it. It tastes really good for an in-flight bubble tea with ample sweetness. The Aged Liu Pao Chinese Tea was not really evident with the milk and rose syrup for the Bandung, but it was good bubble tea nonetheless.

I wonder why other airlines can’t come up with such creative/gimmicky airplane food that people are paying for and ordering in the masses.

After the crowd behind me saw the steward make my bubble tea, orders started pouring in but the steward said that they were sold out of it already. Oops.

AirAsia AK6436 KUL KBR 048

Here’s my main Chef Hong’s Korean Sweet and Spicy Chicken (Dakgangjeong) for RM10.60. True to its description, it was indeed sweet and spicy. The side crispy flakes that came along also complimented the chicken very well when poured over the dish. May I say that this is the first time I’ve ever had a crispy anything for an in-flight meal. Congratulations AirAsia.

As I am not a fan of plain white rice, I didn’t eat much of it once the sweet and spicy sauce was gone.

AirAsia AK6436 KUL KBR 049

For my next dish to try, it’s the Vietnamese Chicken Wrap for RM9.54 (~S$3.12).

AirAsia AK6436 KUL KBR 050

The box packaging was quite small, but I was quite impressed with how little air there is in the box, so the compact wrap was actually quite filling. The stuffing of chicken and vegetables were quite generous with a right amount of sauce too, so that it doesn’t turn out dry like how airline food is usually.

As it was a short flight with my meal coming in quite late, it was a bit of a rush to gobble everything down but I made it in time to stow trash and my tray tables just a couple of minutes before touch down.

The plane landed in Kota Bharu at 2.16pm – just 1 minute late. Not bad.

AirAsia AK6436 KUL KBR 051

Disembarking via the aerobridge.

AirAsia AK6436 KUL KBR 052

Thank you AirAsia for the great flight and great food as always.

AirAsia AK6436 KUL KBR 053

My first look at Kota Bharu Sultan Ismail Petra Airport.

AirAsia AK6436 KUL KBR 054

Parked at Gate 2.

AirAsia AK6436 KUL KBR 055

The exit to the arrival area was just in front of Gate 2.

AirAsia AK6436 KUL KBR 056

Behind, the crowd was forming to board the plane back to klia2.

AirAsia AK6436 KUL KBR 057

Heading down the main staircase to the arrival hall.

AirAsia AK6436 KUL KBR 058

A big welcome to Kelantan Darul Naim at the baggage reclaim area.

AirAsia AK6436 KUL KBR 059

As this was a rather small airport with a compact layout, I think I was out into the public area less than 2 minutes after disembarking from the plane.

AirAsia AK6436 KUL KBR 060

Some shops in the airport.

AirAsia AK6436 KUL KBR 061

The screen shows my flight arrival as 2.20pm. Hmm, perhaps MAHB uses the time the aircraft actually reaches the stand instead?

AirAsia AK6436 KUL KBR 062

My same plane will form AK6437 to return back to klia2.

AirAsia AK6436 KUL KBR 063

Heading out of the terminal building.

AirAsia AK6436 KUL KBR 064

The not-so-inspiring facade of Kota Bharu Sultan Ismail Petra Airport.

AirAsia AK6436 KUL KBR 065

Not wanting to get a taxi to the city if possible, I headed out of the airport to the bus stop to wait for the Cityliner bus to Kota Bharu city centre since I had a bit of time.

AirAsia AK6436 KUL KBR 066

Overall, yet another excellent flight with AirAsia with the on-time arrival and great meal choices available on board. I definitely can understand why they’ve won the Skytrax World’s Best Low Cost Airline title for 11 years in a row. It’s also a lot cheaper and quicker to get from KL to Kota Bharu now by flight instead of getting a train or bus, so it definitely made sense for me to catch a quick flight to save both time and money.

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