Green Transit Liner (GTL) from Kulai to Ayer Hitam by Bus

Green Transit Liner (GTL) Bus from Kulai to Ayer Hitam

Green Transit Liner is a rural bus operator serving roads less travelled to rural villages as a social service. I had thought that Green Transit Liner would be plying parallel to City Bus 2 and some changes might have been made to City Bus 2 with the advent of myBAS Johor Bahru, but it turned out that I was very wrong. I was unknowingly off to an adventure, visiting places that probably no foreign tourists have visited before.

Kulai Bus Terminal

I arrived at Kulai Bus Terminal from the myBAS Johor Bahru Bus T30 from JB Sentral, and connected with the Green Transit Liner here at Kulai Bus Terminal.

The overview of Kulai Bus Terminal which is quite open and airy.

There are some counters selling express bus tickets at Kulai Bus Terminal. Do note that tickets sold at Kulai Bus Terminal may be departing from other terminals in Kulai or JB.

There is ample seating in front of the bus berths.

Free toilets are available at Kulai Bus Terminal.

My Green Transit Liner bus was waiting at the berth, but with the engine off, waiting for departure.

At about 10.40am, the driver opened the doors for boarding. Tickets are purchased from the driver upon boarding. Payment is by cash only.

My ticket for the Green Transit Liner bus journey from Kulai to Ayer Hitam, which costs RM9.50.


At first, I thought that the higher-than-expected fare was due to some new fare structure in place as I did not see any City Bus 2 to Ayer Hitam around, but I was going to learn that it will be a morning adventure soon.

(For an estimate, buses in Malaysia generally cost around RM1 per 10km.)

I was surprised at the interior of the Green Transit Liner bus which features 2+1 Super VIP seating for a stage bus, with hand grips for standees as well.

I picked a single seat for my ride.

The legroom on board the Green Transit Liner 2+1 seating Super VIP stage bus.

The legroom on the pair seats look slightly better due to a missing row at the back with the emergency exit, and the forward rows are spaced out a little bit more.

Like a stage bus, grab poles, hand grips, and a bus stopping bell are also installed this Super VIP stage bus.

Surprisingly, my Green Transit Liner bus departed at 10.43am. I had expected it to depart at 11.00am according to the timetable published on Green Transit Liner’s Facebook. Luckily I was at Kulai Bus Terminal early enough.

Turning out of Kulai Bus Terminal with the future Kulai Railway Station ahead.

Passing by MYDIN Kulai Hypermarket.

Heading straight to Ayer Hitam. Or so I thought.

Passing by Lotus’s Kulai.

The road slims down and gives way to plantations sceneries north of Kulai after Sengkang.

Passing by bus stops outside plantations.

Passing through Kelapa Sawit.

I was surprised to see waiting passengers for a bus with a 3-hourly frequency.

Heading on single-lane roads again.

To my surprise, the Green Transit Liner bus turned left on Jalan Parit Panjang (Johor state route J107) towards the PLUS Highway. Um, this bus can’t be using the PLUS Highway right?

The road is slightly degraded here with no lane markings.

Passing over the PLUS Highway looking down on jammed northbound traffic. Maybe it’s a good day to take stage buses to KL.

I checked Green Transit Liner’s Facebook here for route information, and indeed, I had taken the listing for granted for months now and did not use Google Maps to pair with every bus stop they have listed. This was going to be a rural journey.

Passing through Felda Bukit Batu. Felda communities are communities of resettled rural poor into newly developed areas and to organise smallholder farms growing cash crops.

Passing by Ladang Kuala Kabung.

Yup, definitely not the scenery I was expecting on a straight road to Ayer Hitam. Perhaps I’m the first tourist to be passing by here?

Turning right at Jalan Parit Makkasar (Johor state route J170).

Passing by some rural industrial areas.

Passing by Kampung Parit Tengah.

Crossing over Sungai Pinggan.

Following some winding roads.

Approaching the junction with Federal Route 96 (Jalan Simpang Renggam-Benut)

Continuing straight on to Jalan Madirono (Johor state route J119).

Crossing over Sungai Benut.

Passing through Kampung Parit Wahab.

I was surprised to see a full-fledged BHPetrol station at Parit Betak on rural roads.

Passing through Kampung Permatang Duku.

Following the right turn on to Jalan Rejo Sari (Johor state route J208).

Signs for Ayer Hitam are starting to appear. That’s good.

Turning right on to Jalan Parit Hamid-Parit Botak (Johor state route J9) towards Ayer Hitam.

19km to go.

More developments are seen as the road gets better again.

Turning left on Jalan Parit Raja Darat (Johor state route J121) towards Parit Raja.

Passing by Sekolah Kebangsaan Parit Raja.

Stopping beside Pasar Parit Raja while waiting for the traffic light.

Turning right at Parit Raja on to Federal Route 50, or Jalan Batu Pahat-Kluang-Mersing.

Heading straight on Jalan Batu Pahat-Kluang-Mersing through commercial areas.

Entering Ayer Hitam.

Turning right to enter Ayer Hitam Bus Terminal.

Ayer Hitam Bus Terminal

My Green Transit Liner bus arrived at Ayer Hitam Bus Terminal at 12.33pm, making this a journey of 1 hour and 50 minutes.

I wasn’t expecting to take this long from Kulai to Ayer Hitam by Federal Route 1 which I thought I would be travelling on, but at least I can cover a rare bus route.

The overview of Ayer Hitam Bus Terminal with end-on bus berths on a long shelter.

Toilets are available at the Ayer Hitam Bus Terminal building at 30 sen per entry and RM1 for a shower.

Express bus counters are also available at Ayer Hitam Bus Terminal with buses originating from Batu Pahat or Kluang to destinations across Peninsular Malaysia.

Green Transit Liner Kulai-Ayer Hitam Bus Timetable

The Green Transit Liner Kulai-Ayer Hitam bus timetable can be found on Green Transit Liner’s Facebook. Buses depart every 3 hours from 8am to 5pm.

  • 8.00am
  • 11.00am
  • 2.00pm
  • 5.00pm

Do note that my supposed 11am bus departed at 10.43am. Be early for the Green Transit Liner bus if you are taking it in case of early departure.

Parallel Bus Routes

If travelling between Kulai Bus Terminal and Ayer Hitam Bus Terminal only, ignoring middle sectors served, you can also take City Bus 2 for a more direct route via Federal Route 1. Payment is by cash only.


  1. I’m living in the area of Parit Betak. This village area actually have a decent amount of population. Also, every family here has at least one car and one motorcycle (mostly more than that). That’s why we have full fledged BHPetrol station here.
    Having a car actually very affordable in M’sia, even for villager (RM1.3k – RM10k for 2nd hand basic car). Petrol cost at RM2.05 per litre (after subsidy).

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