Jakarta SHIA Kalayang from Terminal 3 to Airport Railway Station by Skytrain

After an early arrival of my Indonesia AirAsia QZ263 flight from Singapore and waiting more than half an hour to pick up my SIM card from Klook to be delivered to the meeting point at the Arrival Hall which was a total waste of my time, I headed up to the Skytrain station to finally get moving to the city via this inter-terminal transfer to the Railink station.

The Skytrain station looks pretty ready to serve passengers now, with all equipment and proper signs in place. Also, it seems that the newly invented word “Kalayang” is now official – though it probably translates more to “Flytrain” instead rather than “Skytrain” (Layang = Fly; Ka = KA = Kereta Api = Train)

Heading into the air-conditioned Terminal 3 Skytrain station.

The island platform of Terminal 3 Skytrain station.

As the entire system is still running on bi-directional single track for 4 stations, the frequency is still left to be desired for an international airport.

However, at least the Skytrain system is fully utilizing all 4 sets of trains, with 2 sets coupled together for one track.

The Skytrain is still manually driven despite it being meant for fully driverless operations. However, I’d assume that the driverless operations will start once the system can properly run on a double-track pinched loop mode, which I’m not sure when it will commence.

With the low 13-minute frequency, the Skytrain usually fills up quickly.

Getting ready to take the Skytrain to Terminal 2, Railink Station and Terminal 1.

Departing from Terminal 3.

The crossovers just before Terminal 3, which has never been used for passenger service before as seen from the non-existent tyre marks on the track.

The view of Terminal 3’s International narrowbody pier from the Skytrain.

Approaching Terminal 2 station.

Surprisingly, half of the train gets cleared out at Terminal 2 – probably transit demand is good here in CGK.

The opposing 2+2 car set approaching Terminal 2 Skytrain station.

The opposing 2+2 car set arriving at Terminal 2 Skytrain station.

Heading to the Airport Railway Station.

Approaching the Airport Railway Station.

Disembarking from the Skytrain. This train will continue on to Terminal 1.

Heading down to the Railink station.

The linkway between the Skytrain station and the Railink station is now completed, offering a cool and spacious transfer between the two adjacent stations.

Overall, despite now being fully operational with the Skytrain system still on manual bi-directional single-track mode, it has improved since my last visit with most parts of the station completed and capacity increased with the couplement of two sets of 2 cars together, as the frequency is not able to be increased at the moment until the pinched loop configuration is fully completed.

Definitely more room for improvement, but possibly good enough for now, moving passengers away from the complimentary inter-terminal shuttle buses which would take even longer. Just continue to factor in additional time for inter-terminal transfers at CGK.

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