SHIA Railink from Jakarta Soekarno-Hatta International Airport to Sudirman Baru (BNI City) by Airport Train

As I had a previous ridiculous 1 hour wait for the Railink train on my previous trip, I had wanted to revert to taking the DAMRI bus to Gambir Railway Station, but a quick search on Railink’s website shows that services has been increased to a regular 30 minutes frequency. On top of that, Railink now accepts foreign credit cards for payment. As my hotel was near Sudirman KRL Station, I opted to get the Railink again to experience the improvements made.

While cash is still not accepted on the Railink (and probably never will be), foreign credit cards can now be processed at the manned counter in the middle of the hall.

With an issue with the non-existent PIN on Singapore credit cards the last time, the manned counter is able to process the transaction with the usual signature on the receipt, which makes it perfect as tourists may not have an e-money card the moment they land in Indonesia for the first time.

My ticket for the Railink journey from SHIA to Sudirman Baru (BNI City).

My receipt for the transaction made on my Singapore credit card.

I didn’t have to wait too long before boarding calls for my train were made.

Scanning my ticket at the gantry as usual.

Both platforms are now ready to serve passengers.

My train was departing from Track 2, which was not ready for operations on my previous trip. This probably helps Railink to achieve the current 30-minute frequency.

Boarding the Railink to downtown Jakarta.

The interior of the Railink train.

Luggage racks are available by the train doors for convenience of storage.

The super generous legroom on board the Railink train. Something that PT Railink has an advantage of over the DAMRI bus. USB charging ports are also available between each pair of seats.

Departing from Airport Railway Station.

Skirting around the western side of Soekarno-Hatta International Airport.

Leaving the airport vicinity.

Heading towards the Tangerang Line.

The train still runs pretty empty, possibly with the higher fares than the many direct express buses, as well as the limited options of stops in downtown Jakarta, currently only at Sudirman Baru (BNI City).

Meeting the Tangerang Line.

Making a brief stop at Batu Ceper Railink Station.

Crossing over onto the main Tangerang Line.

Bypassing the neighbourhoods at speed.

Zooming past all other stations on the Tangerang Line.

Approaching Duri Railway Station.

Railink trains must make a stop at Duri to change directions towards Sudirman Baru (BNI City), Manggarai and Bekasi.

The Duri Railink Station taking shape. Railink passengers are currently not permitted to alight at Duri.

UPDATE: Duri Railink Station is now open for passenger services since 20 December 2018.

The stop at Duri takes around 5 minutes, taking up a slot on one of the lines.

Departing from Duri, with other KRL trains passing through to pick up local passengers.

Heading off to Sudirman Baru (BNI City) on the Loop Line.

Bypassing Tanah Abang Railway Station, a busy interchange between the Loop Line and Rangkasbitung Line.

After Tanah Abang Railway Station, announcements are made to prepare for arrival into Sudirman Baru (BNI City) Railink Station.

The Railink arrives at Sudirman Baru (BNI City) Railink Station right on schedule.

The Railink train continues on to Manggarai, the future passenger terminus of the Railink. Railink schedules do already factor in the journey to Manggarai and do not turn back immediately at Sudirman Baru, mainly because there’s no crossovers around the station and to not disrupt the Loop Line trains on their schedule.

Heading up the travellator to the concourse level.

As the Railink is a closed ticket system, you need to keep your ticket till the end of the journey to scan out of the ticket gates.

Scanning my ticket at the gates to exit the paid area.

Follow the signs to the exit.

The main exit is down another travellator.

Once down at the ground level, you may connect to taxis or JA Connexion buses.

If you would like to continue your journey by KRL or simply walk out to the main road, continue onwards on the shaded path.

Proceed down to the main road and KRL station.

Do watch out for passing trains – do not lean over the railings.

In future, you can also change to the Jakarta MRT North South Line at NS10 Dukuh Atas MRT Station, just right between Sudirman Baru (BNI City) Railink Station and Sudirman KRL Station.

Heading down to the linkway to Sudirman KRL Station.

About 3 minutes later, you will be at Sudirman KRL Station to change to the KRL Loop Line for services throughout Jabodetabek.

Alternatively, the Sudirman KRL Station makes for a more convenient exit out to the main road including ride-hailing apps and the TransJakarta BRT.

The Railink ride to the city has improved leaps and bounds since my last trip, and everything is pretty convenient to access now, if your final destination is within Jakarta city.

With this improvement in frequency and transfer pathin both the airport and Sudirman Baru, the Railink would now be my first choice to get between Jakarta Soekarno-Hatta International Airport and downtown Jakarta.

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