Flight Review: Jetstar Asia 3K247 from Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 1 to Surabaya Juanda International Airport by Airbus A320-200

Jetstar Asia 3K247 from Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 1 to Surabaya Juanda International Airport by Airbus A320-200 Flight Review

Heading to Surabaya for a short trip, I took Jetstar Asia as I still had some residual credit left in my voucher after my refunds across the past 2 years. It was also one of the cheapest fares offered on the date of my travel, so it was an easy decision, though it will be a basic low-cost flight with no frills.

Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 1

During the time of my trip, Jetstar Asia still departed from Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 1. Jetstar Asia has since moved to Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 4.


Heading to check-in for my Jetstar Asia flight at Terminal 1.

I used the Fast Check-in kiosks for my Jetstar Asia check-in, and was welcomed to this screen saying that a document check is required. Hmm.

My boarding pass was printed, but with a box saying a document check is required and it is not valid without a stamp.

Heading to the document check queue. Looks like I’m not the only one who needs a document check.

I was stamped through with no issues at the document check counter. with no documents checked.


Heading for departure immigration.

Departure Transit Lounge

As I arrived just in time for my flight, I proceeded straight to the gate.

Gate D30

It’s a short walk for me to Gate D30 as it is the first gate on the D pier.

My flight information as displayed outside Gate D30.

9V-JSL will be flying me from Singapore to Surabaya.

It was quite a full flight, so I decided to board last while the crowd goes ahead to fill the aerobridge.

Heading down the aerobridge.

Jetstar Asia 3K247

The interior of Jetstar Asia’s Airbus A320-200.

The legroom is good on these slimmer seats with the literature pocket moved up to eye level. The window seat beside my assigned seat was empty, so I helped myself by moving there.

A tray table is provided with a Klook advertisement stuck on it.

The rigid literature pocket is at eye level.

It was quite a full flight to Surabaya.

Pushing back from Gate D30.

The window was quite scratched up so it messed up my camera’s focus at times.

Taxiing over to the new Runway 3.

It was a long taxi as after reaching the new Aviation Park side, my taxi continued down to Runway 02R near Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal.

Finally turning on to Runway 02R.

An RSAF A330 Multi-Role Tanker Transport is lining up after my plane.

Taking off from Runway 02R.

My Jetstar Asia 3K247 flight departed from Singapore Changi Airport at 12.28pm – 38 minutes delayed.

Flying over Changi Exhibition Centre.

Flying over Pulau Tekong.

A bit cloudy on the way up, which resulted in a slightly bumpy ride, especially when sitting at the rear of the aircraft.

The on-board food and drinks menu of Jetstar Asia. I didn’t order anything for myself on this flight.

Cruising over the Java Sea.

The clean toilet on board Jetstar Asia.

Paper towels are provided by Jetstar Asia which is a plus.

However, the mirror was showing its age with mirror rot around the edges.

Entering mainland Java at Palang.

Unfortunately, there was a delay in landing as Juanda International Airport was closed, whatever that meant, as announced by the pilot.

My Jetstar Asia 3K247 circled around Gresik 3 times while waiting for Juanda International Airport to reopen.

Finally descending into Surabaya.

Passing over Jalan Tol Surabaya-Gempol.

Passing over Jalan Raya Waru and the railway tracks at Sawotratap.

Flying over houses just outside Juanda International Airport.

Not sure if these planes are in storage or for scrap.

Surabaya Juanda International Airport

My Jetstar Asia 3K247 flight landed at Surabaya Juanda International Airport at 1.39pm – 19 minutes delayed due to the closure of Juanda International Airport.

Turning back to Terminal 2 where international flights use.

Passing by Terminal 1 for domestic flights.

Taxiing in to Terminal 2.

Arrived at the gate.

Disembarking from the aircraft.

Heading up the aerobridge.

Taking the ramp down to the arrivals level.

Travellators are available at the arrivals level towards immigration.

At the time of my visit, health screening for COVID-19 was still in place. This has since been downgraded to a simple walkthrough temperature check.

QR codes for the Electronic Customs Decleration (e-CD) (BC 2.2) are also displayed throughout the walk for passengers to fill up the customs form. The Electronic Customs Decleration (e-CD) (BC 2.2) can be filled up from 2 days prior to arrival anywhere in the world with internet.

Scanning to check-in on the PeduliLindungi app was also still required. This has since been removed.

Heading to immigration.

Immigration was quick with just 1 flight of passengers to serve, and with most passengers in the Indonesian queue instead of foreigners. Baggage reclaim is immediately after the immigration counters.

With no check-in bags to pick up, I headed straight through customs to the exit.

Exiting to the public arrival hall.

There is a DAMRI bus counter for services to Terminal Purabaya, but it looks disused and pushed to a corner.

Heading out to the driveway.

There seems to be a T1-T2 shuttle bus and a DAMRI bus pick-up point, but there were no further signs on this and there were no buses in sight.

I waited for a while at the driveway while trying to call a Grab as well, but it was not possible to pin my Grab pick-up point to Juanda International Airport Terminal 2. The app kept automatically changing my pick-up point to Terminal 1.

As such, I decided to walk out of the airport in the hopes of calling a Grab.

Heading out of Juanda International Airport by foot.

The toll gates of Juanda International Airport for vehicles.

Heading out of Juanda International Airport.

The entrance to Juanda International Airport.

Despite there being a pin at the entrance of Juanda International Airport, no Grab drivers were picking up my request to the city. As such, I just walked back into Juanda International Airport to catch a Blue Bird taxi since that was the only option I had.


It was a simple and fuss-free flight with Jetstar Asia from Singapore to Surabaya. The experience with Juanda International Airport, however, was less than ideal.

For whatever reason, the airport was closed in the afternoon and my plane had to circle thrice before landing while waiting for the airport to open.

Onward transport from Juanda International Airport was also a hassle with literally no option but a Blue Bird taxi, unless you have someone to pick you up. More transport options seem to be available from Terminal 1 which serves domestic flights, but the shuttle bus to T1 on the other side of the apron does not seem to be in operation as well, as I did not see any buses at all during my long time walking around the roads of Juanda International Airport Terminal 2.

But with Juanda International Airport being the only international gateway to Surabaya, I guess everyone has to live with it.

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