Flight Review: Jetstar Asia 3K286 from Medan to Singapore by Airbus A320-200 (Emergency Exit Row Extra Legroom Seat)

Jetstar Asia 3K286 is a once-weekly flight Medan to Singapore departing on Monday mornings, allowing people in Medan to head back to Singapore after the weekend by taking a half-day leave off from work. The combination with the onward flight of Jetstar Asia 3K287 allowed me a true full weekend in Medan to explore the Siantar Ekspres, thus completing all passenger lines in Divre I.

I headed to the closest flight information board, which was positioned at Row B.

Seems like my check-in will be here too, at Counters B09-B11. Perfect.

PT Angkasa Pura II might want to consider buying more RAM for their computer though.

Looks like a big group is travelling to Singapore on this flight.

However, as most passengers were under the group check-in, the individual counters were empty and I had no queue in front of me to check-in.

I requested for a window seat from the check-in agent, and she asked me if I was okay to be seated in the emergency exit row?

YES PLEASE, I would be very okay, thank you.

My boarding pass for the Jetstar Asia 3K286 flight from Medan to Singapore on the emergency exit row extra legroom seat. Thank you check-in agent!

Heading for security screening.

Once done, I headed down to the departure transit area.

The escalator leads down to the domestic gates first.

Heading to the international departures section towards Gates 1 to 4.

Heading for security screening again, before clearing immigration.

Back in the familiar international departures area.

Heading to Gate 2 which is my departure gate as stated on my boarding pass.

Hmm, last I recall, I don’t think I’m going to Penang. Seems like a last-minute gate change.

Once at Gate 4, there was a massive crowd.

It turns out that the queue formed is because of a hold up by MH861 using the same gate on a flight 15 minutes earlier than mine, and the gate staff were calling out for passengers to Singapore to come forward first as MH wasn’t ready. Not to mention some early crowd for Bangkok too.

The MH861 plane causing the jam in the departure gate.

Heading down the alley to my plane.

9V-JSK will be taking me back home today.

A nice mix of airlines at this not-too-busy airport.

And… Jetstar Asia’s hold-up was at the aerobridge where no one was actually boarding the aircraft yet. Great.

Goodbye Kuala Namu International Airport.

Heading down the aerobridge, slowly but surely.

Boarding the aircraft.

The economy class interior of Jetstar Asia’s Airbus A320-200.

My emergency exit row seat at Seat 13F.

The excellent emergency exit row legroom for this flight.

Unfortunately though, the window on the emergency exit was a little blur.

The additional padding on the seat belt for passengers on the emergency exit row.

The generous legroom on the emergency exit row for passengers to walk through in the event of an emergency.

This also means that he regular armrest by the window is missing in order to accommodate the emergency exit window.

However, the window has a handle/armrest moulded in, so that’s fine by me.

An additional emergency exit opening instruction is pasted on the tray table in front of me.

The view of the aircraft from my seat.

The rest of the row went ahead empty, making this a rather comfortable flight.

Pushing back from the gate.

Looking back at the terminal.

Turning towards the runway.

Ready for takeoff.

Goodbye Medan.

Once airborne, the exit signs were switched off.

A rather smooth cruise up to cruising level of 33,000 ft.

The rather clean toilet with paper towels on board.

The emergency exit row offers a lot of space to stretch my legs for the flight even though the seat offers no recline (since it is an emergency exit row seat).

Descending into Singapore above Indonesian islands.

Approaching Singapore from the southwest.

Flying over the PIE.

Touched down at 11.37am, 18 minutes earlier than scheduled.

Taxiing to Terminal 1.

Crossing Terminal 1 to the D gates.

Turning into Gate D47.

Parked at the gate.

Disembarking from the comfortable flight.

9V-JSK back at Terminal 1.

Once in the terminal, my flight was chosen for additional security screening. As I was seated sort of front-middle of the plane, there wasn’t much queue for it.

Heading on to arrivals.

Heading down for arrival immigration.

Passing the newly-redesigned duty free shops, similar to the walk-through concept of Terminal 4.

Exiting through customs immediately since I didn’t have any bags to pick up.

Heading up to catch the Skytrain to Terminal 2 where I was getting the MRT from.

Terminal 1 Skytrain Station D to Terminal 2.

The 2-car Skytrain approaching the station after 3 minutes of waiting.

Boarding the Skytrain to Terminal 2.

The majestic view of Jewel Changi Airport from the Skytrain.

The link bridge connecting Terminal 2 with Jewel.

Heading to the MRT station from the Skytrain station.

Heading down to CG2 Changi Airport MRT Station.

From here, I caught the MRT onwards to my destination.

Overall, an excellent flight with Jetstar Asia with the free upgrade to the extra legroom seat, offering a rather spacious experience on this short-haul flight, concluding my Medan-Siantar exploration.

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