KTM Shuttle Tebrau & Causeway Link AA1 from Woodlands Train Checkpoint to Senai International Airport by Train + Bus

Senai International Airport is a viable alternative to fly from Singapore to further Malaysian destinations due to the lower taxes and lower airfares for domestic flights, while not too far from Singapore, adding just a little bit of extra travelling time. The safest method to get from Singapore to Senai Airport is definitely by quick, fixed schedule transport, and the best combination would be to catch the Shuttle Tebrau and Causeway Link AA1 bus.

The Shuttle Tebrau journey just takes 5 minutes end-to-end (excluding ticket printing and immigration time, opened 30 minutes before departure), and costs S$5 for the quick and efficient journey across the border.

Book your tickets early at KTM Intercity counters or online from 12Go Asia, BaolauBusOnlineTicket or Easybook. Tickets open for sale 30 days before departure.

Disembarking from the Shuttle Tebrau.

As both Singapore and Malaysia immigration and customs are cleared already at Woodlands, simply hop off the train at JB Sentral into Malaysia without any other checks on arrival.

Follow the signs to exit.

Once at the main hall, walk towards the direction back to Singapore in order to head to the JB Sentral Bus Terminal to catch the Causeway Link AA1 bus to Senai Airport.

Heading down the escalator to the JB Sentral Bus Terminal, the Causeway Link AA1 bus counter can be seen on the right.

Purchase the Causeway Link AA1 bus ticket for RM8 (~S$2.63) at this counter to get to Senai Airport. Payment can be done in cash in Malaysian Ringgit (RM) only.

Once done, proceed to the bus bays and head to Platform 1.

Platform 1 is at the end of the terminal where Causeway Link buses are parked.

My boarding pass for the Causeway Link AA1 bus from JB Sentral to Senai Airport.

Once the bus is ready for boarding, boarding calls will be made by the terminal staff, and will direct you to the bus.

In my case, the Causeway Link AA1 bus was waiting by the side road just outside of Platform 1.

The Causeway Link AA1 bus for Senai Airport at JB Sentral.

The interior of the Causeway Link AA1 bus. This type of Yutong bus can be seen operating regularly on Singapore routes too.

The view of the bus from my rear seat.

What remains of my boarding pass after the driver took the right portion of it upon boarding.

Departing from JB Sentral.

Turning right to Route 1 rather than left for the EDL.

Bypassing downtown JB.

Goodbye Singapore.

Heading on to the Danga Bay junction.

And… we hit a traffic jam.

The rain along the way didn’t help much with the traffic too.

Passing by Paradigm Mall Johor Bahru.

The traffic cleared off after Skudai towards Senai.

Taking the junction off Senai towards Senai Airport.

Crossing over the KTM tracks. If only there was a rail link to Senai Airport.

Heading on to Senai Airport on Jalan Lapangan Terbang.

The iconic airplane clock (under renovation) on the roundabout to Senai Airport.

Approaching Senai Airport.

A tight curve to the departure driveway.

Arriving at the terminal building.

The Causeway Link AA1 bus stopped at the sheltered area towards the pick-up point as it was still drizzling. The journey from JB Sentral to Senai Airport took 46 minutes, inclusive of the earlier traffic jam.

Heading to the terminal building after alighting from the Causeway Link AA1 bus.

From here, I headed in to check in for my AirAsia flight to Penang.

Overall, it was a rather efficient journey to get from Singapore to Senai Airport especially on a Saturday. This combination allow for the most “schedulable” journey to be made without the concern for the famous traffic jam on the Causeway, in order to safely catch the flight out of Senai Airport.

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