Medan Kuala Namu Railink U8: Medan City Railink Station to Medan Kuala Namu International Airport by Airport Train

Arriving from the Karibia Boutique Hotel shuttle car, it was a very relaxing stroll to catch the Railink at Medan City Railink Station with the stop right at the departure driveway. Alas, the short 4-day-3-night stay in Medan is over. Feels really short though, probably due to the late night arrival on the first day and this early morning departure.

To catch my Jetstar Asia 3K286 flight back to Singapore departing from Medan Kuala Namu International Airport at 9.25am, I opted to get the Railink U8 departing from Medan City Railink Station at 7.05am to get to the airport around 2 hours before departure.

Hmm, wrong station?

A mural of the Kuala Namu Railink train.

A short stroll from the departure driveway, and I am at the ticketing area for the Railink.

I purchased my ticket from the information counter as usual with my foreign credit card, since the ticketing kiosk wouldn’t allow a purchase without my non-existent PIN number.

Heading straight for boarding with the impending departure of my train.

Crossing over to the future elevated railway station.

As the gates to the platform have been removed or not been installed pending the opening of the elevated railway station, tickets are checked in manually by a handheld scanner.

Getting my ticket scanned in by the staff at the concourse.

Heading down to the platform via the lift, rather than walking the length of the platform for the down escalator.

Boarding the Railink U8 at Medan City Railink Station.

The interior of the Railink train, decked out in full (outdated) T-Cash advertisements. T-Cash is now known as LinkAja from 21 February 2019 onwards.

Luggage racks are available by the door.

I picked a bay seat as usual for more legroom.

My ticket for the Railink U8 journey from Medan City Railink Station to Medan Kuala Namu International Airport.

My credit card receipt for the Railink U8 journey from Medan City Railink Station to Medan Kuala Namu International Airport.

Prior to departure, a station staff changes car numbers on the platform to reflect the next departing train on the opposite platform.

The minimal platform gap at Medan City Railink Station.

The doors closed a few seconds before the departure time.

Departing from Medan City Railink Station right on time at 7.05am.

The comfortable train ride to Kuala Namu International Airport.

Goodbye, scenic overhead bridge.

Goodbye, randomly shunted coupled coaches.

Exiting Medan Railway Station.

Blocking off the morning traffic jams. The elevated railway should solve this.

Approaching the descend of the elevated railway, the Railink’s future home.

Merging in onto the main alignment.

Passing through the former Bandar Khalipah Railway Station.

Passing through the new Bandar Khalipah Railway Station.

Featured Railink promotion fares for groups of 3 passengers and above.

The sunrise from on board the Railink.

Passing through the new Batang Kuis Railway Station.

Taking the Serdang curve.

Passing through Araskabu Railway Station. No stops are made for this airport-bound journey as the train has absolute priority on the lines.

Passing through the former Araskabu Railway Station on the junction to Kuala Namu International Airport.

Goodbye, main line.

Heading on under Jl. Bandara Kuala Namu, the main road to Kuala Namu International Airport.

Entering the Kuala Namu International Airport vicinity.

No tolls and queues for the Railink here.

A Paradep Trans minivan heading to the airport as well, bringing passengers to and from Siantar.

The Railink heads straight to the terminal rather than curving around like the road to the departure driveway.

Entering Kuala Namu Airport Railway Station.

The station master’s office is located at the end of the platform.

The future-proofed platforms of Kuala Namu Airport Railway Station.

Making a slow entrance to the station as the buffer stop is quite close to the actual stopping position of the train.

The train arrived sharp on time at 7.38am, making this a journey of just 33 minutes. You can barely get out of Medan city in 33 minutes in a car.

Disembarking from the Railink.

The view back at the rest of the station.

The station master’s room and crossovers at the end of the station.

Heading off to exit the station.

As with all good airport railways, trolleys are available at the arrival platform.

The morning crowd at the gate was slightly annoying though.

Tickets are scanned again when exiting the station. Remember to keep your ticket till the end of the journey.

Heading up the travellator to the concourse directly from the arrival platform – a more efficient station layout.

Heading to the terminal building through the upper levels of the Airport Railway Station.

Another travellator ride up to the departures level.

The view of a garden between the drop-off area and the terminal building from the travellator.

Here, security checks are done before entering the terminal building proper.

Overall, a very efficient way of getting from Medan city to Kuala Namu International Airport as usual. Next, to return home.

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