Medan Kuala Namu Railink U33 from Medan Kuala Namu International Airport to Medan City Railink Station by Airport Train

Coming in from the long queue at immigration from my Jetstar Asia 3K287 flight from Singapore to Medan, I headed straight for the Airport Railway Station to hopefully cut close to catch an immediate Railink departure.

The next train departure was at 7.15pm, which was barely 7 minutes from departure.

Heading straight to the information counter to purchase my Railink ticket with my overseas credit card.

Heading straight for the ticket gates with my ticket in hand. No time for relaxing yet.

Scanning my ticket at the ticket gate.

Heading straight for the waiting Railink train from the first door.

Only after boarding the train did I proceed down to look for a favourable seat.

The spacious seats on the Kuala Namu Railink.

With this, the doors closed behind me, the train ready for departure. That was close.

My ticket for the Railink U33 from Kuala Namu to Medan. You can see that my ticket was only generated at 7.09.55pm, just 5 seconds more than 5 minutes to departure.

Departing from Kuala Namu International Airport Railway Station.

The legroom on board the Kuala Namu Railink.

The view of the front coach from my seat.

No toll jams with the Railink.

Exiting from Kuala Namu International Airport.

Making a very brief stop at Araskabu Railway Station for permission to proceed. There was no train crossing here this time.

Making a stop at the new Batang Kuis Railway Station to cross with the Railink U36 bound for Kuala Namu.

Making a longer stop at the new Bandar Khalipah Railway Station for permission to proceed.

Crossing with the Railink U38 bound for Kuala Namu.

Arriving in Medan City Railink Station.

Disembarking from the Railink.

The spacious platforms of Medan City Railink Station.

The lights of Centre Point Medan lighting up the background.

The Railink train at Medan City Railink Station.

Heading up to the concourse.

I took the regular Railink exit towards Centre Point to get dinner.

Heading out to Centre Point.

The elevated railway station for the Railink seems almost completed.

The elevated station versus the current ground level Railink station.

Due to elevated railway works, the escalator part of the exit is under reconstruction and only the lift was in operation.

Once down, the exit is just in front.

Overall, yet another excellent ride with the Railink, making it just in time for an extremely quick connection from the airport to Medan city in under an hour.

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