KA Sibinuang from Padang to Lubuk Alung by Train

Having already completed the journey between Padang and Pariaman on my previous trip, all I needed was one more line in order to cover the Divre II network in its entirety. As such, this time, I headed for Lubuk Alung with the KA Sibinuang to change to the Railbus Lembah Anai in order to cover the second and final section between Lubuk Alung and Kayu Tanam.

As usual, the popular KA Sibinuang has crowds queuing for tickets an hour before departure.

My ticket for the KA Sibinuang ride from Padang to Lubuk Alung – just a quick ride under an hour.

Checking-in for my train ride to Lubuk Alung. Tickets must be scanned before entering the platform area.

The crowd waiting for the KA Sibinuang. The Minangkabau Express takes up Platform 1, with it departing first.

The KA Sibinuang stables at Line 3, utilising the low platforms of Padang Railway Station.

The unique coaches of Divre II of a slimmer body and lower carrying capacity with 2+2 seating in Ekonomi.

The nameplate of the KA Sibinuang. KA Sibinuang 2 is the rake which stables at Pariaman overnight, making turnarounds at Padang twice a day.

After the Minangkabau Express has departed, the duty locomotive shunts the KMP3 (Kereta Makan Pembangkit Kelas 3) to attach it to the rake.

The KMP3 provides hotel power to the whole train, and also serves for additional priority seating (eg. elderly and pregnant women) for those who are holding standing tickets and need a seat.

Coupling the train in progress.

BB303 78 01 leads my KA Sibinuang to Lubuk ALung and onwards to Pariaman today in long hood forward formation.

Boarding the KA Sibinuang. As tickets have already been scanned at the ticket checking desk, no additional checks are carried out at the train doors.

Inside the KMP3 with additional seats for standing ticket passengers.

The front of the train is formed with additional cars from Java in the usual 106-seat capacity in 3+2 formation.

I opted to sit in here before the train starts to pile up with passengers from Air Tawar onwards.

Passing by the Grand Mosque of West Sumatra from a distance.

Approaching Air Tawar Halt.

Despite being classified only as a halt, Air Tawar is potentially the most-used stop in Divre II with its strategic location near Basko Grand Mall and Universitas Negeri Padang, as well as for transfers to the Trans Padang BRT and Angkots to other destinations.

From here on, I stood for the duration of the journey.

Picking up even more passengers at Tabing Railway Station.

The interior of the coach getting full.

Making a brief stop at Duku.

Duku is the junction station to the Minangkabau International Airport branch line.

This station also marks the end of the “urban” side of Padang.

After Duku, the scenery gives way to paddy fields and flowing rivers.

The next station is Lubuk Alung, my stop for the day. Lubuk Alung is the junction station to Kayu Tanam, and previously onwards to Padangpanjang and Sawahlunto.

The Railbus Lembah Anai is already parked beside the train, however, as tickets for this train are not sold in Padang, I had to exit to the platform area to purchase my ticket at the Lubuk Alung ticket counter.

My next ride of the day.

As Lubuk Alung station is rather small with the area outside pretty crowded, there is no separate exit lane at this station. All passengers will enter and exit the station from the main hall in the middle of the station building.

Overall, a short and sweet ride on the KA Sibinuang.

Onwards to my main purpose of this trip: the Railbus Lembai Anai.

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