KRDI Sri Lelawangsa • A Preview

The KRDI Sri Lelawangsa is a local Economy class commuter service plying between Medan and Binjai with 12 pairs of trains daily. The train makes the short 20.9km hop in 32 minutes, at an average of 1.5-hourly intervals.

You can board the KRDI Sri Lelawangsa like how you would get on a regular train.

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Timetables of the KRDI Sri Lelawangsa are clearly posted around Medan Railway Station.

Tickets for the KRDI Sri Lelawangsa can be purchased from the dedicated Go Show counter at Counter 1 on the left. Tickets are open 2 hours before the departure time ie. you can only buy tickets for either the current train departure or the next one.

Due to the frequency and high passenger demand for the train, the KRDI Sri Lelawangsa mainly uses Platform 1 of Medan Railway Station.

The name plate of the KRDI Sri Lelawangsa.

Steps are provided for easy access to the train should the platform be clear.

Should there be any obstruction, you can use the KRDI Sri Lelawangsa‘s own fold-up step located below the train doors.

The KRDI Sri Lelawangsa comes with an LED destination sign located by the side of the train doors, however, this was not in use.

The overall interior of the KRDI Sri Lelawangsa.

The seat of the KRDI Sri Lelawangsa. While they are hard plastic seats, a padded cushion is installed on them on strategic points where your body rests on the seat.

Tip-up seats are also found on some corners by the train doors, but I don’t think they’ve been folded up in a long time.

The route map of the former Sri Lelawangsa Medan – Belawan service, painted over with white paint.

The KRDI Sri Lelawangsa is manufactured by INKA and seats 56 passengers per coach.

As the doors of the KRDI Sri Lelawangsa are closed, the fold-up steps tip down to be flushed with the side of the train car body.

While I didn’t get a chance to ride on the KRDI Sri Lelawangsa this time, hopefully I’ll be back again with a little bit more free time to get a joyride on this non-air-conditioned KRD which is becoming a rarity in Indonesia.

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