KTM Intercity INKA ASC

The new Superior Class Seat coaches by PT. Industri Kereta Api Indonesia (INKA) was launched on 6 July 2015.

Each rake consists of 6 ASC (Air-conditioned Second Class), 1 ABC (Air-conditioned Buffet Coach) and 1 PGC (Power Generator Car).

The door to the platform is still operated manually, but the door leading to the seating cabin is now automated. Push the button at the side to open the door.

An air curtain is also installed at the entrance to the seating cabin.

Luggage racks to store bigger luggages are also available.

Walking across the gangway is also now easier with a flatter surface.

Inside the Superior Class cabin, or second class.

Reading lights are available for each seat.

Power sockets are also available at each pair of seats.

LED TVs are provided at the ends of each coach, providing entertainment as well as train and station information.

The washrooms now operate with a waste tank below the coach, with a button-activated flushing system similar to the ETS.

The interior of the buffet coach. Seats are now foldable for easier access to the window seat.

Power sockets are also available, 2 for each table of 4 passengers.

The buffet coach is also capable of cooking up fresh, hot meals on the go.

On the exterior, the INKA ASCs also sport a new livery…

… though I expect the end coaches to have a black top soon with YDM4s hauling them around every day.

The new PGCs are also quieter than usual, and it was not annoying loud like the older versions when I walked past it.

The tailboard signifying the end of the train.


  1. Just like a prophet. It is disliked by the minister of transport in its own origin country, but appreciated abroad……..

    1. Ignasius Jonan (former indonesia’s ministry of transportation) disliked the INKA’s EMU/DMU product not the passenger coach.
      The passenger coach/ freight wagon made by INKA is quite good but their EMU/DMU still facing a problem when entered service in year, so i hope INKA can built better quality EMU/DMU.

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