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KTMB Integrated Ticketing System (KITS) for KTM Komuter Northern Sector (Komuter Utara)

The KTMB Integrated Ticketing System (KITS) is a new online ticketing system for ETS, KTM Intercity and KTM Komuter Northern Sector (Komuter Utara) train services.

Starting from 15 October 2020, it is now possible to buy KTM Komuter Northern Sector (Komuter Utara) train tickets online and at new ticket kiosks at stations, aside from the traditional (and previous only) way to get them on the spot at ticket counters.

The KITS system is in place at all stations, including ticket kiosks for the KTM Komuter Northern Sector, and online on the KITS ticket booking website and KTMB Mobile app.

For a normal KTM Komuter Northern Sector (Komuter Utara) train user, the KTMB Mobile app is the most useful for buying tickets online and on the go, without queuing at ticket counters or kiosks.

The KTMB Mobile app is available on App Store and Google Play.

Step 1: Launch the KTMB Mobile app and create a new account

If you haven’t done so already, create your KITS account. This also allows you to register for a concession fare if applicable to your status.

Step 2: Click on the KTM Komuter Utara tab

The default view is to book ETS and KTM Intercity tickets. Click on the KTM Komuter Utara tab to access the ticket booking for the KTM Komuter Northern Sector.

Step 3: Choose your origin and destination stations

Click on the KTM Komuter Northern Sector (Komuter Utara) route map to select your origin and destination stations. For the purpose of writing this guide, I donated RM1 to KTM for a ticket from Butterworth to Bukit Tengah.

Step 4: Choose your package

There are 3 packages to choose from: Single Journey, Return Journey, and Weekly Pass.

Single Journey gets you a single ride between your selected stations on the date of purchase with the standard train fare.

Return Journey gets you a two-way ride between your selected stations on the date of purchase for double of the standard train fare.

Weekly Pass gets you unlimited rides between your selected stations for 7 days starting from the date of purchase for 10 times the standard train fare (ie. 5 return journeys).

Do note that you can only purchase your ticket on the day of departure. Choosing an advance date is not possible.

However, as Komuter tickets are pretty much unlimited for sale, this booking date restriction is fine. I would think the KTMB Mobile app on-the-go online booking is more for beating the counter queue or to buy your ticket while on the bus or Grab to the station.

Step 5: Select number of passengers

Select the number of passengers needed.

Step 6: Select payment method

You can pay with Visa & Mastercard Credit Cards, Visa & Mastercard Debit Cards, KTM Wallet, Online Banking, Boost e-Wallet, or Touch ‘n’ Go eWallet on the KTMB Mobile app. I’m glad to see that international modes of payment are accepted.

Step 7: Proceed with payment method

I selected to pay by credit card. Fill in the payment information as necessary.

Entering my OTP from DBS.

Once done, click “Make Payment” to proceed with your purchase.

Viola, your booking is confirmed!

Step 8: Retrieving your ticket on the KTMB Mobile app

Click on “Booking History”.

Click “View”.

Click “View Tickets”.

This is your ticket. Scan the QR code directly from the KTMB Mobile app at the new ticket gates.

A receipt can also be retrieved if necessary.

Step 8a: Retrieving your ticket via email

An automated email is also sent along with your ticket and receipt as an attachment.

However, on this email .pdf version, the ticket and receipt is integrated together in one document like an ETS or KTM Intercity ticket.

Book your KTM Komuter Northern Sector ticket on the KTMB Integrated Ticketing System (KITS) now!

Download the KITS mobile app for Android here!


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