Lounge Review – SATS Premier Lounge 3 (Changi Airport Terminal 3): An Extensive Lounge for Day Stays of Any Duration

Flying on Malindo Business Class allowed me a visit to the SATS Premier Lounge at Terminal 3. Not wanting to waste the opportunity, I opted to check-in earlier and have my brunch here instead of relying on the pizza on board to keep me full for the day.

The SATS Premier Lounge 3 is located just 2 minutes away from immigration.

After checking-in with my voucher, I was free to roam around the lounge.

The seating area is compact yet spacious enough for single travellers or groups of up to 8 persons. There’s always a suitable seating arrangement for groups of any size.

Each lounge seat also comes with a universal power socket and a shared USB socket.

Towards the high roof area, a shorter lounge chair is also available, but I prefer the ones where you can rest your head on if you wish.

The best seats would be the tall lounge chairs arranged in stalls of two only. Naturally, these are the first to be occupied and are almost never available.

The food selection seems extensive on first glance.

There is a full-fledged coffee and tea station, with a DIY Laksa station too.

Wine and spirits are also available all day, even in the morning.

The fairly-stocked salad bar with cold sandwiches ready to eat.

The canned drinks selection is also pretty extensive.

Since I haven’t had breakfast, and since I could, I opted for the western breakfast selection at the buffet of Egg Frittata with Beef Hash and French Toast, with Tiger Beer.

If only they had champagne which would complete my breakfast perfectly, but I may be wishing for too much.

I had Laksa for my second round of brunch. You had to blanch the noodles yourself which was pretty fine for me, but the foreigners didn’t really have a neat success. Perhaps SATS might want to reconsider the DIY station.

The Laksa was actually pretty good though, not too coconut-y and the spiciness was just right too (after my addition of chilli).

And since I had a little bit of time before I should head to my gate even after having two rounds of mains, I took some cheese, ham and olives to the lounging area to munch on while I wait. (I later took the tuna sandwich off to KL. Sorry SATS.)

Now for the showers. Since I just came from home, I didn’t really need it but here’s some photos of it anyway.

There are two mixed-gender shower cubicles in the lounge which is sufficient for a shower. However, these do not come with their own toilet which may be a little inconvenient depending on your habits.

Toilets are separated the shower cubicles, and there is only one cubicle each for females and males. A bit inconvenient if there is a big group, and there actually was on my stay in the lounge. Due to the many users, the toilets were also not as clean as I would expect – the public toilets in the main terminal building are much cleaner in my opinion.

Overall, as a contract or pay-per-use lounge, SATS is on par with other pay-per-use lounges in the world, perhaps even exceeding the qualities of certain neighbouring airline lounges in Changi Airport itself. Though if you were a frequent traveller, you may notice a similarity of the food available in the lounge and on board the plane (with the Egg Frittata in the lounge being round instead of triangular on board) and you may get sick of it within 3 seconds. Also, there needs to somehow be a bigger toilet to cater to a more crowded lounge.

Is the SATS Premier Lounge something that I would consider paying to use even if may cost more than the airport tax at Changi Airport?

If I am in need of the facilities provided and have some time to while away before my flight, I would say that the cost to use this lounge actually matches the quality provided, and yes I would consider using it again.

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