Flight Review – Malindo Air/Batik Air Malaysia OD804: Singapore to Kuala Lumpur by Business Class

Malindo Air/Batik Air Malaysia OD804 is my first and possibly only trip from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur by Business Class, thanks to the sale in which I bought a return ticket from KL on. It departs at noon, which isn’t the earliest flight of the day, but hey, I needed to maximise my experience right?

Check-in for Lion Group airlines are all at Terminal 3 Row 1.

As with all check-in counters, there is a separate line for Business Class passengers.

Although the Business Class counter was occupied, I was assigned the next available counter on the left, which is great as there’s a couple of seconds less queuing for me, and it shows that the check-in staff are attentive to prioritizing the queues.

My one and only Business Class flight from Singapore. You know you’ve checked in early when the gate number isn’t available for your flight yet.

In Singapore, Malindo and Lion Group uses the SATS Premier Lounge for Business Class travellers, which is awesome.

Heading for departure immigration.

Heading up to the SATS Premier Lounge.

Read more on the SATS Premier Lounge here.

After my hearty brunch and a check on my gate number, I headed off to Gate A9 to board my flight.

Was one of the last passengers to board as I spent more time in the lounge instead of heading to the gate early. Whoops.

9M-LNM is my shuttle for the day.

What’s left of my boarding pass after the bigger portion has been taken away by the gate agent.

My welcome drink of Apple Juice again.

Pushing back from the gate.

With the long taxi to Runway 20C, it got a bit boring, so it’s time for a little bit of planespotting.

A China Airlines A350 which just landed.

A Myanmar Airways International Airbus A319.

Finally, time to take-off.

The view of the future Terminal 5.

Looking back at East Coast as the plane heads north to KL.

The new Terminal 4 from above.

The overview of the current Changi Airport. Once T5 opens, it may be hard to fit everything in one picture, depending on the flight path.

Despite the short flight, the IFE system was available to use.

I just switched it over to the flight map since I couldn’t really do much with the short time anyway.

Despite the short usage timing, the stewardess still handed out headphones for those who have their IFEs flipped up.

And the mandatory pizza shot, of course.

Just after I finished my pizza, this came on. Time to shut the system off.

Landing in KLIA together with another AirAsia plane on the neighbouring runway.

The view of klia2 from the runway of KLIA.

Back at Malindo’s home base of KLIA.

Parking at Gate B8R. Gate B8 is a Multiple Aircraft Receiving Stand (MARS), and we’re taking the stand on the right.

The aerobridge swings towards the aircraft, almost parallel to the terminal building.

Bye bye Business Class.

Heading for immigration and baggage reclaim.

While there is a counter at the baggage reclaim area, you should buy your KLIA Ekspres ticket from the kiosk instead to get your 10% discount.

Even though there was an express queue for immigration for Business Class passengers, it still took around 10 minutes for my bag to appear at the baggage carousel – even with my slight detour to the Satellite Terminal before immigration to buy something.

Heading down to the KLIA Ekspres platforms to get to the city.


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