JR Hokkaido Rapid Airport Sapporo 127 from Shin-Sapporo to Sapporo by Train

Rapid Airport Sapporo 127 from Shin-Sapporo to Sapporo by Train

From Shin-Sapporo to Sapporo, I could take any train from Local to Limited Express as any class of trains are covered by my JR Hokkaido Sapporo-Furano Area Pass on this short sector, and all trains stop at both Shin-Sapporo and Sapporo. The first train arriving for me at the platform was the Rapid Airport Sapporo 127, so that’s the one I simply took.


Shin-Sapporo Station

Heading in to Shin-Sapporo Station after a quick lunch at Sunpiazza.

Heading through the ticket gates.

Heading up to Platform 2 for trains towards Sapporo.

3 minutes to the next train to Sapporo.

Door positions are marked by a magnetic sign on a cable.

Rapid Airport Sapporo 127

The Rapid Airport Sapporo 127 at Shin-Sapporo Station.

Standing in front, I had a cab view out to the front through the walkway beside the driving cab.

The driver of Rapid Airport Sapporo 127 doing his thing.

The operational timetable of the Rapid Airport Sapporo 127.

Merging with the Hakodate Line.

Passing through Heiwa Station.

Passing through Shiroishi Station.

Crossing over the Toyohira River.

Passing by Naebo Depot.

Passing through Naebo Station.

The signal is given for the Rapid Airport Sapporo 127 to enter Line 4 at Sapporo Station.

Crossing over to Line 4.

Entering Sapporo Station.

Sapporo Station

My Rapid Airport Sapporo 127 arrived at Sapporo Station on time at 1.21pm.

The Rapid Airport Sapporo 127 goes out of service here at Sapporo Station.

Heading down to the concourse.

Heading out of the ticket gates.

The façade of Sapporo Station.

Following my visit to Historical Village of Hokkaido this morning and noon, I headed on to Mount Moiwa for the ropeway in the afternoon and evening.

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