SATS Premier Lounge Changi Airport Terminal 1 Post-COVID Review

Lounge Review: SATS Premier Lounge Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 1 Post-COVID

SATS Premier Lounge is the only Priority Pass lounge in Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 1 available in the morning. As I had a bit of time before my AirAsia VTL Flight AK710 from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur, I used my dusty Priority Pass for access to some breakfast and to check out its refurbishment before my lounge entitlement expires for a second year.

Seating Area

Being still in a pandemic, the SATS Premier Lounge was quite empty when I visited in the morning.

The main lounge seat is nice and solo, like a throne seat in Business Class, probably to cater to social distancing with alternate seats removed.

3-pin and USB power sockets are provided.

The section inside has been refurbished with a Japanese garden look, with lower seating chairs for lounging.

There’s also a restaurant-style seating area near the buffet line which is currently closed.

Massage chairs are also available here.

Food and Drinks

Unfortunately, no DIY Laksa available.

Packaged snacks remain available for self-service.

NSmen will definitely recognise this Cake Pandan, with the crust now on the sides instead of the short top and bottom.

Drinks from the fridge and bar are available for self-service.

Over on the alcohol section, basic wines and spirits are available.

Inside the ice bucket slot thingy, however, is Pol Rémy Brut sparkling wine. This would make for a faux champagne breakfast.

A tap provides both still and sparking water which is nice.

Being still in a pandemic, I opted to take a capsule seat for social distancing.

The seats are a bit wider as a workstation, with less padding than the regular lounge chair. However, this would get me a power socket and a table high enough to eat properly.

WiFi in the lounge was a bit clunky with registration required. #WiFi@Changi was also spotty in this section of the lounge. I just used my data instead.

The main food menu is available on a QR code to scan on the table. However, food orders are still taken by the lounge staff in person.

SATS Premier Lounge Changi Airport Terminal 1 Post COVID Menu

The menu was… very basic. Aside from the congee, the other 4 mains were more lunch-y than breakfast-y.

I decided to get a Baked Herb-Crusted Fish for breakfast as it looked the most appetizing of the lot.

Unfortunately, it tastes microwaved with uneven heat in the fish, and the crust was soft, either being microwaved with cause or drenched with sauce.

I didn’t feel too bad about it, since I have an in-flight meal waiting for me which would perk up my breakfast. I would if I was paying actual money for this lounge visit though.

I’ll just have some black coffee and sparking wine for now.

The toilets have been refurbished to a bit of a Peranakan style, reminiscent of Changi Airport Terminal 4.


The shower room layout has both a toilet and shower, with a glass door separating the wet and dry sections.

No bidet is available beside the toilet bowl.

Both a rain and handheld shower are available.

Shampoo and body wash is also provided in the shower.

Notably, towels and toiletries are not available in the shower. I guess you have to request it from the  lounge staff before taking a shower in corona times.

Male Toilet

The male toilet is very basic with only 2 urinals and a sink. If you require to do your number two, you have to use the shower room, which may not be tolerable if you have urgent needs and the shower room is full.


The SATS Premier Lounge at Changi Airport Terminal 1 is a far cry from its former unrefurbished self before corona era. However, with the lack of passengers, it does make for a very private waiting area with sparking wine to boot.

For those who have a Priority Pass without travelling much now, feel free to use 1 quota here. But if you are privileged to be still jet-setting and without an unlimited Priority Pass, perhaps take your limited quota to a lounge in a more travel-relaxed country for better works.

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