Shuttle 81dn from Tanah Merah to Kuala Lipis by Early Morning Kelantan School Train (1 April 2012)

Shuttle 81dn: The Early Morning Kelantan School Train (1 April 2012)

The Shuttle 81dn was the first train departing from Tumpat Railway Station in the wee hours of the morning. There has always an early morning Shuttle train to cater to school children living along the KTM East Coast Line heading to school in Dabong, and the Shuttle 81dn was it in 2012. The KTM Railway Fan Club group trip chose this train to experience the school train and market on board.

The Shuttle 81dn is scheduled to depart from Tanah Merah Railway Station at 4.53am.

With the early check-out from the chalet and Shuttle 81dn train departure, the first part of the KTM Railway Fan Club group journey was spent sleeping.

School Students Boarding

Along the way from Krai Railway Station onwards, school children started boarding the Shuttle 81dn train. And with only 2 coaches attached, the Shuttle 81dn train filled up fast.

School children segregated themselves by gender, and apparently I was in the female coach.

The TC on board goes around selling tickets directly for students who boarded from unmanned railway halts.

The handheld device is used to sell tickets for passengers who board from unmanned railway halts.

School Students Alighting at Dabong

All students alighted at Dabong Railway Station where their schools are adjacent to the railway station. Click here for more information on the Train to Dabong “phenomenon” today.

Crossing at Kemubu

The Shuttle 81dn stops at Kemubu Railway Station for crossing with Senandung Timuran 26up.

This allows me to take a nice shot of the Shuttle 81dn on the curved line.

The station building of Kemubu Railway Station.

There is a fish tank inside Kemubu Railway Station in KTM livery.

There’s also an unknown vehicle on the platform, manufactured by Broom and Wade, Ltd..

The Senandung Timuran 26up crossing with my Shuttle 81dn at Kemubu Railway Station.

The Shuttle 81dn was once again less busy with no more school students on board.

Going to the Market

Along the way, the now-empty Shuttle 81dn starts to get filled by fresh produce.

Local vendors load up their goods, heading to Gua Musang Railway Station where the market is.

If you want, you can chat up the seller and buy these directly off them immediately on board too.

Crossing at Gua Musang

Making a brief stop at Gua Musang Railway Station.

Crossing with the delayed Shuttle 82up at Gua Musang Railway Station.

You know you’re around Gua Musang Railway Station when limestone hills pop around the scenery.

On-board Sales

After Gua Musang Railway Station, there was a makcik who came on board to hawk her food on board. I’m not sure if this practice is available today on the Shuttle Timur DMU. Steamed peanuts and Nasi Kerabu were available.

I bought a packet of Nasi Kerabu from her for my late breakfast.

Arriving at Kuala Lipis

The Shuttle 81dn arrived at Kuala Lipis Railway Station, where it terminated.

After alighting all passengers, the empty rake of Shuttle 81dn gets shunted over to the depot for refueling. This rake will return to Tumpat as Shuttle 86up later in the afternoon.

The façade of Kuala Lipis Railway Station.

There’s a welcome arch to Kuala Lipis when exiting the station.

At Kuala Lipis, it would be about a 2 hour wait for the next train to continue the journey back home on the Ekspres Sinaran Timur 15dn.

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