KTM Shuttle Timuran 57dn from Tumpat to Wakaf Bharu by Train (61 Class DMU03 / 61103 Gua Musang)

KTM Shuttle Timuran 57dn Train from Tumpat to Wakaf Bharu

Shuttle Timuran 57dn is a daily local train from Tumpat to Gua Musang and onwards to Kuala Lipis by changing the train number to 59dn at Gua Musang. I was heading directly to Kota Bharu Airport to fly back to Singapore immediately after the Ekspres Lambaian Aidilfitri 1028up (ELA1), and I used Shuttle Timuran 57dn to get me back down to Wakaf Bharu first.

Due to the geographical nature around Kota Bharu, there is no shortcut from Tumpat to Kota Bharu Airport as the northernmost bridge across the Kelantan River is located at Wakaf Bharu and Kota Bharu, so I might as well make my journey back down first by train since the Shuttle Timuran 57dn was immediately departing, and it will be a lot easier and cheaper to get a Grab from Wakaf Bharu too.

Tumpat Railway Station

As Ekspres Lambaian Aidilfitri 1028up (ELA1) was taking up Platform 1 at Tumpat Railway Station, Shuttle Timuran 57dn was departing from Platform 2. Platform 2 is connected by an overhead bridge across the tracks within the station.

Climbing up the overhead bridge at Tumpat Railway Station.

The overhead bridge is quite high, more than necessary to fit a train under. It’s almost as if space is reserved for catenary wires.

Heading down to Platform 2.

Shuttle Timuran 57dn

61 Class DMU03 / 61103 Gua Musang was operating on my Shuttle Timuran 57dn.

The interior of 61 Class DMU03 which is a Version 1 without PV with transverse seats throughout the train.

There is a Bistro at Coach A but this was out of service.

Heading to my booked seat at Coach B.

My seat at Coach B 5A.

The legroom on board the 61 Class DMU.

Notice that the information screen integrates the route of Shuttle Timuran 57dn and 59dn as one, although passengers still need 2 tickets on 2 trains to travel on the full route when passing through Gua Musang.

There was a bit of delay with the doors closed on time, but the train was not moving off properly yet. The train kept moving forward for a few inches and then stopped, which seems like a brake binding issue.

Nevertheless, tickets were checked by the TC first while mobile network was available.

The Shuttle Timuran 57dn finally departed from Tumpat at 4.18pm after the issue was rectified – 13 minutes delayed.

Goodbye, Ekspres Lambaian Aidilfitri 1028up (ELA1).

No photos of the railway crossing, unfortunately, as the Ekspres Lambaian Aidilfitri 1028up (ELA1) was blocking the view.

Departing from as quickly as I had arrived.

Passing through the Bandar Baru Tumpat railway crossing.

Kampung Kok Pasir Railway Halt

Making a brief stop at Kampung Kok Pasir Railway Halt.

The new wooden high platform is level with the 61 Class DMU door.

Approaching Wakaf Bharu Railway Station.

Entering Wakaf Bharu Railway Station.

Wakaf Bharu Railway Station

My Shuttle Timuran 57dn arrived at Wakaf Bharu Railway Station at 4.32pm – 11 minutes delayed.

The platform gap filler is activated at Wakaf Bharu Railway Station for the high platform.

61 Class DMU03 / 61103 Gua Musang operating on Shuttle Timuran 57dn at Wakaf Bharu Railway Station.

The Shuttle Timuran 57dn continues on to Gua Musang and changes train number to Shuttle Timuran 59dn onwards to Kuala Lipis where it terminates.

The old Wakaf Bharu Railway Station opposite the current Wakaf Bharu Railway Station.

Wakaf Bharu Railway Station is emptied out of passengers with the departure of Shuttle Timuran 57dn. No one was really doing the short hop from and I was the only passenger who alighted.

Surprisingly, food stalls in Wakaf Bharu Railway Station during the day were open during Ramadan.

Heading out to the driveway to get a Grab to Kota Bharu Airport.

The façade of Wakaf Bharu Railway Station.


Overall, it was a quick and short hop on board Shuttle Timuran 57dn as half of an airport transfer, which thankfully was not overly delayed so I could still make it in time to Kota Bharu Airport for my flight check-in.

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