Singaporeans Can Buy KTM Shuttle Tebrau Tickets To JB Using Credit Cards Again

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After the major heart attack last week when only Malaysian internet banking can be used online to purchase KTM Shuttle Tebrau tickets, KTM Berhad has finally woken up to provide an internationally-acceptable mode of payments by credit and debit cards for the new KTM Shuttle Tebrau ticketing system, 9 days after its launch! Singaporeans and other foreigners can finally buy the international cross-border KTM Shuttle Tebrau tickets from Woodlands CIQ to Johor Bahru Sentral and vice-versa conveniently online again as of 10 October 2019!


Visitors Outside Singapore Or Malaysia Cannot Buy KTM Shuttle Tebrau Train Tickets Online Anymore – Suspected IP Ban On KTM Shuttle Tebrau Ticketing System

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On the Shuttle Tebrau ticketing page, the credit card mode of payment is now clickable.


There is, however, a second step to click to the actual payment gateway after being redirected from the main booking page.


The credit card payment gateway is the exact same one used on the normal KTM Intercity and ETS ticketing system, with a different merchant name of “KTMB EXPRESS TEBRAU-EC” instead of “KTM BHD-E-TICKET -EC”. After paying, you should be able to get your confirmation of your Shuttle Tebrau booking on the new ticketless system.

Thank you KTM Berhad for finally waking up, allowing a rather modern payment mode to be used, but it took a lot of views and shares online on Singapore media and a Chinese newspaper for changes and acknowledgement to even be made. I’ve not said anything about the KTMB MobTicket app not accepting other payment modes other than Malaysian internet banking before, since its inception, but I’ve not been too concerned about it as I do think that since it is mainly used for domestic trains, perhaps giving an advantage to Malaysians, but to restrict this to a cross-border international train to me was totally unacceptable as there would be a reasonable 50% of the load factor which is from another country.

But anyway, strict Malaysian internet banking online purchase is now a thing of the past on the new KTM Shuttle Tebrau ticketing system, so now everyone can start purchasing your JB train tickets conveniently online again!


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