Singaporeans: You Cannot Take The KTM Shuttle Tebrau Train To JB Anymore Unless You Use Malaysian Internet Banking

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The Shuttle Tebrau is a very popular train service for Malaysians and Singaporeans alike to cross the Johor-Singapore Causeway at Woodlands to get to JB, and millions of people of all nationalities have used this service since its launch on 1 July 2015.

However, as of today, 1 October 2019, with the launch of the new independent Shuttle Tebrau ticketing system which only accepts payment via Malaysian internet banking, it seems that the Shuttle Tebrau is mainly reserved for Malaysians only, as Malaysian internet banking is the only mode of payment to purchase Shuttle Tebrau tickets online for departures from 7 October 2019 onwards.

Shuttle Tebrau Singaporeans Can Buy JB Train Tickets Online Again

UPDATE (10 October 2019): KTM Berhad has finally woken up to provide an internationally-acceptable mode of payments by credit and debit cards for the new KTM Shuttle Tebrau ticketing system, 9 days after its launch!

Click here to see how to buy your KTM Shuttle Tebrau ticket with your credit or debit card!


Singaporeans and other nationalities cannot purchase Shuttle Tebrau tickets online without a personal Malaysian internet banking account – unless they have a Malaysian internet banking account and/or Malaysian debit card (UPDATE: Despite the website claiming so, Malaysian debit card payment is actually also not available).


UPDATE 1 (2 October 2019): KTM Berhad has posted a comment saying that this Malaysian internet banking procedure is only for yesterday (1 October 2019) and today (2 October 2019). RailTravel Station will check the new Shuttle Tebrau ticketing system again tomorrow to see if more payment modes are accepted, or will it be as KTM says “from time to time” which in KTM’s case in the Klang Valley is every 3 to 6 months.


UPDATE 2 (2 October 2019): The new KTM Berhad Shuttle Tebrau ticketing system uses iPay88 as the sole payment gateway. A quick check on iPay88’s website shows that they support many types of payment including credit cards, PayPal and even Alipay. As such, by inferring from their website, I don’t think it is the payment gateway that is restricting the payment options, but rather, the choice of the customer of iPay88 to restrict payment modes to only Malaysian internet banking accounts.

Shuttle Tebrau New Ticketing System Fail 006.png

UPDATE 3 (3 October 2019 8.30am): The new KTM Berhad Shuttle Tebrau ticketing system now has a new placeholder for credit cards. However, it is currently not usable (as compared to KTM’s claim in the above Update 1) and only labelled as “coming soon”.


UPDATE 4 (3 October 2019 8.30pm): KTM Berhad’s website now confirms that only internet banking is accepted in the new KTM Berhad Shuttle Tebrau ticketing system, and credit card payment will only be readied in the near future. To all those who say that I am fake news and credit card payment will be available today, I know KTM better and the only words that they use nowadays are “dalam masa yang terdekat” and “dari masa ke masa”, so trust me.

Shuttle Tebrau 86up Woodlands CIQ JB Sentral 007

This might be the most modern case in the world of restricting immigration across a land border crossing without directly affecting immigration policies. Being a cross-border international train service, it is very strange that KTM Berhad does not allow payments to be made for the Shuttle Tebrau from any other modes of internationally-recognised and internationally-acceptable mode of payment such as credit card or PayPal, but only accepts Malaysian internet banking to buy cross-border international train tickets.

Shuttle Tebrau 89dn JB Sentral Woodlands CIQ 002

The only other alternative now is to purchase Shuttle Tebrau on the spot at either JB Sentral Railway Station in Malaysia or Woodlands Train Checkpoint in Singapore, but we all know how fast Shuttle Tebrau tickets will sell out 30 days before departure at 8.30am, making an on-the-spot purchase pretty much impossible. Oh, in fact, Shuttle Tebrau tickets are not available for sale at any other KTM station in Peninsular Malaysia as well.

I’m not sure why KTM Berhad is doing this, but it seems that with every “improvement” that KTM makes nowadays, it is a step back for progress of their railway.

Let’s see if KTM Berhad will do a prata flip on this decision to restrict payment methods for the Shuttle Tebrau to Malaysian internet banking only.

RailTravel Station Do Not Scold Staff.png

[PSA] If you are in the long queue at JB Sentral or Woodlands CIQ and want to buy or failed to get your Shuttle Tebrau ticket, or are in any other KTM Intercity or ETS station but you can’t buy your Shuttle Tebrau ticket there any more, DO NOT SCOLD THE KTM COUNTER STAFF.

They’re just doing their job to sell you tickets and did not implement the new system. They probably don’t want to see the whole crowd of you as much as you don’t want to see them to buy your tickets.

Shuttle Tebrau Scan Passport Directly At The Gate Cover

Click here for the revised KTM Shuttle Tebrau Guide effective 7 October 2019.


56 thoughts on “Singaporeans: You Cannot Take The KTM Shuttle Tebrau Train To JB Anymore Unless You Use Malaysian Internet Banking

  1. Obey Limpeh says:

    That’s because some unscrupulous Singaporeans buy tickets in bulk and resell them for profit. This move was designed to protect hard-working travelers from being taken advantage of. Suggest you do some research before writing “hit-job articles” like this in future.

    Any fool can complain, and fools usually do.

    • RailTravel Station says:

      Reselling is impossible as the buyer will be rejected for boarding by staff when your passport details don’t match your ticket.

      • Adeline says:

        I don’t think you can buy in bulk and passport numbers are required when one buys online. And to buy at the counter, is even more ridiculous to buy in bulk, there is not enough seats for bulk buying. So don’t think it is true about bulk buying on Singapore side. One thing I m certain abt, is the loss of revenue for KTM then.

    • Said Alwi says:

      Any proof or not Singaporean buy in bulk? Dont anyhow say. U must produce yr passport to buy the ticket and its not transferable.

    • Victor says:

      How much can one make $$$ from buying in bulk and sell. Unless you are referring to super peak season. Doing this doesn’t make the person be a millionaire. Anyway, the move to do such thing needs a some good brainer rather than implement and the god back to square one. Just like VEP system. Gosh!!! Wake up

    • Lyn says:

      You dumb or retarded? There’s no way anybody can bulk buy tickets to resell. Passport details are printed on the ticket for verification at checkpoint. It is better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool, than to open it and remove all doubt.

  2. Abdul Hadi says:

    Kudos to KTM for making life easier for Malaysians working in Singapore. They work hard so they deserve better transportation back home without any Singaporeans filling up the space.

    Singaporeans can walk along the causeway for better exercise since most of them ain’t working.

    • 2 cents John says:

      Maybe if you had a ‘better’ government to managed your economy, all Malaysians do not need to come Singapore to work for the 3:1 exchange rate?

    • Reena says:

      Really? Such a nice thing to say to yr fellow neighbors. Doesn’t Islam teaches u to be nice? You know wat? Wen u bought the ticket train, there is usually seat numbers allocated on the ticket. Correct? Singaporeans are prim and proper citizen who abide by law.

      Look whose rushing in and not follow the seat number? Tey just grab any seat tey can see.

      It’s the MALAYSIAN PPLE…(though not all, I emphasize…NOT ALL)

      And who ask u pple to work in Singapore? Its yr choice so dun come and demand to be treated like diva.
      From day 1 who has been condemning Singaporeans? It’s always a bunch of malaysian like you.
      These are the batch of pple who create sparks of hatred between these 2 counties…
      For the rest of the Malaysian pple, we always love and respected yr country💖💖

      • Abdul Hadi says:

        Why link my comment to religion? Law abiding citizens or just plain stupid to see workers going back home during rush hour. They can sit wherever they want.

        Moreover, singaporeans are choosy. Hence, employers rather give Malaysians jobs cos’ they deserve such jobs.

    • Reena says:

      And what make u tink most Singaporeans aren’t working? Oh! U mean most Malaysia is it? Wrong type error?
      Singaporeans are the hard working pple and if u see tey go jb on weekdays, tats because tey took leave to go and chill abit.

      Its nothing about not working.
      U work in Singapore and y describe yrself hows the life and the work here, in then u can gv u 2cents worth opinion.

      If u see elderly pe shop there, most probably they are retirees.
      Tey have work so hard and it’s time fr tem to enjoy their fruits of labour.
      I believe work hard play hard ….

      Dun play hard work little. In the end o e will be backdated and choose nothing but to say negative stuffs about other countries…

    • Amirul Jalil says:

      Wow. This comment is so shameless haha work in other people’s country still can think that you’re priority number 1. This guy either a troll or some baby boomer malaysian.

      • Lancewood says:

        Sorry la bro. your up nrth malay cannot compare to you flers la. They are born ‘entitled’ ma you dunno meh? haha

  3. Zheng En Ang says:

    Hold on a second. But I thought that ticket from Woodlands to JB is of SGD 5? In that case, using Malaysia Bank Card to buy the ticket that is of the value in SGD would be awkward, if that is the ONLY method.(if not “only”, it is acceptable) Or, will the price change to MYR 15 instead?

      • linahshui says:

        KTM this is like slapping your own face. If you want to let Malaysians only to travel, please do not have your trains across the Causeway. Use it within Malaysia. Protectionism never pays. You see Mao closed off China in 1958 and it turned China backwards for 50 years. If Johor is conquered by Singapore then the Causeway cease to operate. Singaporeans can cross the Causeway like going from Jurong to AMK.

      • Wayne says:

        A return trip from JB to Woodlands (JB-Woodlands and Woodlands-JB) would cost only RM 10. If I book this, but only use Woodlands-JB portion of the trip (and so save RM 6 per person), would I be blacklisted ? Anybody tried this before ?

        • Wayne says:

          I read that if you miss the first leg of a return trip for a flight, most airlines will not let you board the second leg. I wonder if it is the same for KTMB.

    • Mohamad azli says:

      Enough for the stupid Singaporean , we just don’t want Singaporean to take the Ktm so what? No malaysian there are still lot of PRC and bangla in your country, and your country greatly welcome PRC as a permanent resident. Get into the mrt you know la.

  4. Yeoh Kim Yeok says:

    Yes, fully agreed that KTM train is a “back to future” mode of transport in Malaysia. I was a regular passenger for past 15yrs and until now no improvement. In fact it had gone further backward that to connect Tampon or Gemas to JB Sentral..needs at least 7hrs (keretapi time and waiting time).

  5. Rini says:

    Thought by the year 2020 everything will be easier and high technology, what is this? No improvements at all…🙄

  6. Mazlan Tahir says:

    When we take bus to Johor ,we Singaporean and others foreign passport holder need to queue like hell to chop the passport while for Malaysian they just happily go through no need to queue. ( special lane for Malaysia passport). And now here come new problem about buying train ticket. Everything so easy and convenient for them. While our side the ICA everytime plan to use high technology to improve their system but in the end its getting worst. We suffer at our own immigration side and after thst we also had to face the same at Johor side. There’ is no changes infact getting worst.

    • Josh says:

      Please remember that Singaporeans are foreigners in Malaysia. As a foreigner you don’t have automatic right to enter Malaysia. Therefore, you must queue at the manual counter to be seen by an immigration officer in order to be granted entry. Malaysians, on the other hand, have unrestricted right to return to Malaysia.

  7. Welch Er says:

    By putting all these constraints in allowing Singaporeans to buy train tickets to travel on KTM trains to go JB/Malaysia, the Malaysia government is just killing their own economy by not attracting overseas tourists to spend in their country. I don’t think Singaporeans have much to lose, except enjoy fewer massages and eat less. As for shopping, these days online shopping is so convenient and cheap for us to buy things. We don’t have to buy in JB.

  8. KK says:

    I can understand the angst.

    As far as I know though, this is temporary. I do not have proof to back it up.

    Also, does it affect only the Tebrau Shuttle (peak hours only) or all other train timings?

  9. ctyaya1984 says:

    I hope this news is a temporaty measure… coz its rather pathetic to retrict such movements and it benefit both country… i hope they can reconsider…

  10. Quanyou Ang says:

    The title of this article is misleading and just jump to conclusion to a foreign system that is not finalised. I am sure they will improve the system in a while.

  11. Stella says:

    i guess its a deployment oversight.
    However i saw some deals on carousell that lets you buy the tickets just let them know your detail sif you are least in the interim if u need to travel there is an option or go to the counter to buy the ticket directly.

  12. Anonymous says:

    if that’s the case , Shudnt Singapore government shud limit Malaysian to work and study here in our country? That are plenty of them snatching our jobs and school space here. They shud just stay at their own country !! For their work than ….

  13. Neo says:

    Isit only maybank credit card allow to buy the train tickets only? Other bank credit cards like citibank or OUB not allowed?

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