Transnasional from Johor Bahru (Larkin Sentral) to Kuala Lumpur (TBS) by Night Bus

Transnasional Larkin TBS 1am 01

To begin my Cambodia trip, as I was comparing prices for flights to Phnom Penh, I figured that it would have been much cheaper to fly out from KLIA rather than Changi Airport, with a slightly earlier arrival time into Phnom Penh as well. So to complete this budget experience, I decided to get the overnight Transnasional 1am bus from JB’s Larkin Sentral to KL again – a trial run for my potential future situation should the new airport taxes from Changi Airport get too expensive for short-haul trips.

This article was originally published on 9 May 2018 on BusTravel Station.

Transnasional Larkin TBS 1am 02

From Singapore, I got on SBS Transit Service 170 to get to Larkin Sentral.

Hmm, is this a preview to another upcoming trip?

Transnasional Larkin TBS 1am 03

Heading to the departure lounge for express buses.

Transnasional Larkin TBS 1am 04

My boarding pass for the Transnational 1am bus to KL.

Transnasional Larkin TBS 1am 05Transnasional Larkin TBS 1am 06

Scan your boarding pass at the gate to enter the departure lounge.

Transnasional Larkin TBS 1am 07

Guess my bus and plenty others are delayed today.

Transnasional Larkin TBS 1am 08

Transnational departs from Platform C of Larkin Sentral.

Transnasional Larkin TBS 1am 10Transnasional Larkin TBS 1am 11

The bus came at around 1.30am, so that’s about a half hour delay in arrival.

Transnasional Larkin TBS 1am 12

The interior of the Transnational Business Club bus. Some passengers have already boarded from Pasir Gudang.

Transnasional Larkin TBS 1am 13

The view from my seat. Unfortunately, the USB charging ports were not available on this bus.

The bus departed around 1.45am, around 45 minutes behind schedule.




It was a peaceful sleep on board, despite the tight legroom since this bus has 10 rows of seats rather than the usual 9.

Transnasional Larkin TBS 1am 14

However, the bus arrived in TBS at around 5.30am, which makes it a pretty quick 4-hour journey, just in time for the first LRT train to the city for breakfast.

Transnasional Larkin TBS 1am 15

And because some of the TBS escalators were out of order as usual, I had to walk across the platforms to get to a working one in order to exit the terminal.

Overall, Transnasional was once again a comfortable way to get from JB to KL overnight, but this trip calls for a lot more travel experiences than this. Stay tuned!

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