Causeway Link GoKL Red Line from Pekeliling Bus Terminal (Titiwangsa) to The Chow Kit Hotel by Bus

Causeway Link GoKL Red Line Bus from Pekeliling Bus Terminal (Titiwangsa) to The Chow Kit Hotel

GoKL Red Line is a free bus service operating a loop service between Pekeliling Bus Terminal (Titiwangsa) and KL Sentral. Heading to The Chow Kit Hotel after alighting from the Pahang Lin Siong bus from Kuala Lipis, I crossed the terminal’s lanes to the GoKL Red Line bus berth for a free and convenient journey.

Sksbus and Causeway Link have taken over GoKL operations from Rapid KL since 1 November 2021. That’s quite a big surprise as Causeway Link, well, usually operates on and around the Causeway. Also, Rapid KL is the stronghold of KL buses.

Now Causeway Link is 333km away from the Causeway. Adapting to a new business model with the COVID-19 pandemic?

The interior of the Causeway Link Yutong ZK6126HG bus operating on the GoKL Red Line.

There is a wheelchair space by the rear door, with the seat back facing forward. A seat belt is also provided.

The front section of the bus has a low floor throughout.

In case you’re wondering why I took pictures of these additional interior angles which I don’t normally do – I had meant to use these GoKL pictures to update the Causeway Link VTL1 Bus information page.

But now that I’ve been on the Causeway Link VTL Bus journey from JB Larkin Sentral to Queen Street Bus Terminal already, these photos won’t be necessary since I have pictures of the real deal now.

I wrote in my Causeway Link VTL Bus experience post that I chose Seat 37 as it was my favourite seat. As you can see, I’m seated at the back too in KL.

Yeah, this was meant for the Causeway Link VTL1 Bus information page too regarding the seat number tags. Oops.

The GoKL Red Line frequency was quite good on a weekday evening peak period, with buses departing every 10 minutes.

Chow Kit Monorail Station

Making a brief stop at Chow Kit Monorail Station.

I’m sorry but I don’t think the Yutong ZK6126HG or SKS LEC-300 are electric buses.

Shoutout to Fat Cat & Tea as they got a bad deal in bus advertising. It’s going to be tough to entice GoKL Red Line passengers to go all the way down to Ion Medini to get some dessert.

While I pressed the bell just after passing by The Chow Kit Hotel, the bus did not make a stop at the bus stop opposite Maju Junction. Instead, I was dropped off at the bus stop opposite Menara Mara.

But just as well, as I needed to buy a lens cap which I lost somewhere between Tumpat and Gua Musang.

Also, Ninso was just in front of the bus stop so that took up about half an hour of shopping too.


My first Causeway Link bus ride after borders have been reopened was in Kuala Lumpur. The irony.

Nevertheless, the GoKL Red Line‘s routing still remains the same as before, and still convenient for me, especially for a free bus service.


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