Shuttle Timuran 57dn from Tumpat to Gua Musang by Train (61 Class DMU12 / 61112)

Shuttle Timuran 57dn from Tumpat to Gua Musang by DMU 61 Class

The Shuttle Timuran 57dn is an afternoon train from Tumpat to Gua Musang operated by the new DMU 61 Class. Catching the new DMU 61 Class is one of the goals of Revenge Travel Semenanjung, and after 8 months of waiting, I’m finally here to experience the new train.

I was in Tumpat Railway Station at lunch time, and saw the catering trolley used to stock up the Bistro on board Shuttle Timuran 57dn. No mains were offered on this journey.

As such, I headed to a local food stall just beside the railway crossing to pack lunch for the train ride.

While I have already purchased my Shuttle Timuran 57dn online from the KTMB Integrated Ticketing System (KITS) for RM8, I purchased an additional RM1 ticket to Wakaf Bharu to keep the new ticket printout as a souvenir.

About half an hour before departure, the shunting action begins at Tumpat Railway Station with DMU12 / 61112 pulling out of the yard.

Shunting is quite fast with the DMU 61 Class consisting of only 4 cars and able to operate bi-directionally.

A quick reverse and DMU12 / 61112 is on the way to the platform.

DMU12 / 61112 crossing the railway crossing south of Tumpat Railway Station.

Tumpat Railway Station

Tumpat Railway Station has an upcoming second platform on the loop line, potentially allowing trains to arrive and depart at around the same time, allowing for more departures in future.

The main platform has been upgraded to a high platform, though the furnishing works are not completed yet.

The high platform allows for easy boarding to the DMU 61 Class.

My train service was listed as ES 57 Kuala Lipis. Hmm…

Couple of discrepancies there. ES most likely stands for Ekspres Selatan rather than Shuttle Timuran. Also, 57dn ends at Gua Musang, with the onward sector from Gua Musang to Kuala Lipis taken by train number 59dn, while using the same train set.

Stepping on board the DMU 61 Class for the first time.

Coach A

The front end of Coach A consists of a parcel area, known among staff as “PV” from the former Parcel Van attached to KTM Intercity trains.

A conductor’s room is also available within the PV area.

DMU12 / 61112 is a DMU 61 Class Version 2 with PV, consisting of 208 seats and 100 standees. Longitudinal seats are installed beside the doors on Coaches A and D for more standing space.

Luggage racks, grab poles, and hand grips are provided in the standee area.

Power sockets are provided below each pair of transverse seats.

The information screen on board shows the Shuttle Timuran 57dn as a through train to Kuala Lipis instead of the timetabled split of train services at Gua Musang, though using the same train set.

Other than a mix of longitudinal and transverse seats, Coach A also has a Bistro.

The DMU Bistro has a similar layout to the 93 Class ETS and 93/2 Class ETS.

The menu is posted above the counter.

Unlike what’s promoted, no mains were available for purchase aside from instant noodles.

No vestibule doors are installed on Coaches A and D to separate the seating area from the vestibule, aside from the PV.

Coach B

A regular toilet is available at Coach B.

The DMU 61 Class regular toilet has a similar layout to the 93 Class ETS and 93/2 Class ETS.

DMU 61 Class doors on Coaches B and C have an extending platform to reduce the platform gap to high platforms, instead of leaving a gap with the steps down to the low platform or track.

Coaches B and C cater more for long-distance travel with transverse seats in a 2+2 configuration. Vestibule doors are also provided to split the seating area from the doors and vestibule.

A luggage rack is provided near the door.

DMU 61 Class seats have a head rest cover with the KTM Intercity logo embossed.

Seats are quite upright and do not recline.

Power sockets are located below each pair of seats.

Some seats near the ends of the coach also have power sockets by the wall, providing up to 4 power sockets for each pair of seat.

A rather ambitious DMU 61 Class route map of the KTM East Coast Line and KTM Southern Line, along with Batang Melaka Railway Station and Pulau Sebang Railway Station (Tampin Railway Station), is posted on the top corner of the seating area.

I wonder if I’ll see a DMU service on this sector.

Coach C

Similar to Coach B, Coach C caters more for long-distance travel with transverse seats in a 2+2 configuration. Vestibule doors are also provided to split the seating area from the doors and vestibule.

There are 2 wheelchair priority areas in Coach C with flip-up seats.

With this priority area, there is a public seat with extra legroom, though the space may be shared with a passenger in wheelchair.

A wheelchair-accessible toilet is available on Coach C.

Push the button to open the door.

The wheelchair-accessible toilet has a similar layout to the 93 Class ETS and 93/2 Class ETS.

Remember to lock the door upon entry, otherwise, anyone can open the toilet door from the outside, and you can’t simply shut it again with your bare hands in shock.

A sink is located in the corner by the door.

A plus point here – paper towels are provided in the toilet.

A surau or prayer room is also available in Coach C.

The door opens with a space to perform the wudu first.

A bar helps prevent water splash into the prayer area.

Hooks are available to hang your garments.

The praying area has a compass to set direction, and space for 1 to 2 passengers. Prayer mats and garments are not provided during the COVID-19 pandemic period.

Coach D

Similar to Coach A, Coach D has a mix of longitudinal and transverse seats.

Luggage racks and hand grips are provided in this standee area facing Coach C.

For the longitudinal seating area at the end of the train, luggage racks, grab poles, and hand grips are provided.

Longitudinal seats have their seat numbers listed as both window and aisle, though your back would be facing the window instead.

There’s a semi-private area at the end of Coach D with just 3 rows of seats, which is where I will be for the ride to Gua Musang.

The legroom on board the DMU 61 Class.

A foot rest is available to prop your feet up.

A tray table is provided at most transverse seats.

A safety card is also available in the seat pocket.

Emergency exits on the safety card also show the seat positions, which can be useful for booking your next DMU trip.

Hooks are available by the walls beside the seats.

An emergency brake lever is found at the ends of the coach, though I think trying to pull it would be a heavy task in itself.

At precisely 2.35pm, the doors shut and the Shuttle Timuran 57dn departs for my first ever journey with the DMU 61 Class.

My first impression upon departure – wow the DMU 61 Class picks up speed really fast.

Looks like a new turntable is coming up at Tumpat Railway Station, but is currently acting as a pond.

Upon departure, the TC comes around to check for tickets, scanning the ticket QR code on his handheld device with the staff KITS app.

Kampung Kok Pasir Railway Halt

My first taste of the ladder situation with the DMU 61 Class is here at Kampung Kok Pasir Railway Halt.

Halts do not extend all the way for 4 cars, especially at the old ones without upgrading.

Wakaf Bharu Railway Station

Making a brief stop at Wakaf Bharu Railway Station where more passengers boarded. Wakaf Bharu Railway Station serves the state capital and royal seat of Kelantan, Kota Bharu.

Bunut Susu Railway Halt

Bunut Susu Railway Halt has a high platform newly installed.

Pasir Mas Railway Station

More passengers boarded at Pasir Mas Railway Station.

From my view of the Rantau Panjang Branch Line, or rather lack thereof, from on board the Ekspres Rakyat Timuran 26up earlier in the day, I made sure to watch the line properly again to make sure my eyes weren’t playing tricks on me. This excavator didn’t give me good hopes, however.

A bit of the old Rantau Panjang Branch Line still extends out of the main line, but I’m nto sure if it’s connected to the track rehab or just left there.

The track disappears very shortly after.

After the gap, some old track still remains of the Rantau Panjang Branch Line.

With a bit more time before the next halt, it’s time to unpack my lunch as I later straddle between taking photos of the halt and eating my lunch.

I got a delicious Kelantanese Nasi Dagang from the local food stall just beside the Tumpat Railway Station railway crossing, as one does in Kelantan. I requested for a plastic box so as to not risk dirtying the DMU if I were to simply lay the paper packet on the tray table.

The fish curry was creamy and coconutty, going very well with the beras nasi dagang which was surprisingly not too nutty and yet not too glutinous for me. A telur mata on the side, because why not.

I also picked up a random homemade dessert made with Marie biscuits, chocolates, and a bit of rainbow sprinkles.

I forgot how much I paid for this meal, but I think it was around RM5 in total. Kelantan is great.

Chica Tinggi Railway Halt

Making a brief stop at Chica Tinggi Railway Halt with no passengers.

Capturing the sliding platform for the door at Coach C in action.

To’ Uban Railway Halt

A new high platform has been built in front of the old To’ Uban Railway Halt shelter.

The station sign of To’ Uban Railway Halt.

Sungai Keladi Railway Halt

Sungai Keladi Railway Halt has not been upgraded yet, with the old wooden platform and shelter still in use.

The station sign of Sungai Keladi Railway Halt.

Bukit Panau Railway Halt

Bukit Panau Railway Halt has a train-length low platform, possibly a sign that it was once a station.

The big dilapidated shed beside the halt shelter also looks like a former station building.

The current shelter of Bukit Panau Railway Halt.

Tanah Merah Railway Station

Making a longer regulating stop at Tanah Merah Railway Station with more passengers boarding and the train currently running before time.

Crossing the Guillemard Bridge over the Kelantan River.

Temangan Railway Station

Making another longer stop at Temangan Railway Station with the Shuttle Timuran 57dn running before time yet again. The DMU 61 Class journey is really a lot faster thanks to the quick acceleration and braking, and of course the increase in service speed to up to 100km/h. However, it currently runs on the old locomotive-hauled timetable on my journey, not maximising its potential.

Sungai Nal Railway Halt

Making a brief stop at Sungai Nal Railway Halt with a group using the shelter to lepak.

Passing by the Emrail 17 Class Shunter 17113 and 22 Class 22106 Changkat Budiman Locomotive parked.

Krai Railway Station

Crossing with the Shuttle Timuran 56up operated by DMU07 / 61107 Pasir Mas at Krai Railway Station.

With internet data available in Krai, the TC kindly gave me a demonstration of how the new KTMB Integrated Ticketing System (KITS) handheld ticketing device works.

Cash is accepted on board the Shuttle Timuran train for tickets purchased directly from the TC. A paper ticket is printed directly from the KITS handheld ticketing device.

As stable internet data is needed for the KITS handheld ticketing device to work, ticketing can get delayed. Seen here is a ticket for boarding in Temangan, but was only issued in Krai.

Pahi Railway Halt

Making a brief stop at Pahi Railway Halt with no platforms.

Manek Urai Railway Station

Making a brief stop at the new Manek Urai Railway Station.

At this time, I headed to the Bistro to check out their food offerings, and made an order of 1 Roti Bakar and 1 hot Kopi.

The Bistro is mainly stocked with pre-packed simple food like sandwiches, boxed juices, and mineral water. The only hot food available were Roti Bakar and instant noodles.

Kampung Baru Sungai Mengkuang Railway Halt

Kampung Baru Sungai Mengkuang Railway Halt has a new high platform installed.

Ulu Temiang Railway Halt

Ulu Temiang Railway Halt also has a new high platform installed, in front of the halt shelter.

There was internet data again here, and I bought another RM1 ticket through the TC from the KITS handheld ticketing device as a souvenir, this time from Ulu Temiang to Dabong. Do note that the thermal print will not last on this receipt-like ticket, but it’s more for me to enjoy and understand the process of buying a new KITS handheld ticketing device ticket.

It was also here that my Roti Bakar was done bakar-ing at the Bistro, and here’s my afternoon snack on board Shuttle Timuran 57dn.

Kampung Baru Bukit Abu Railway Halt

Kampung Baru Bukit Abu Railway Halt has a new high platform installed, in front of the halt shelter.

Bukit Abu Railway Station

Bukit Abu Railway Station remains in its original state. The Shuttle Timuran 57dn, however, stops on the main line instead of the loop line where the platform is. As such, passengers have to cross the loop line from the Bukit Abu Railway Station platform to access the Shuttle Timuran 57dn train.

Kuala Gris Railway Halt

Kuala Gris Railway Halt has a new high platform installed, in front of the halt shelter.

The original station sign of Kuala Gris Railway Halt bearing the name in Bahasa Malaysia, Jawi, Mandarin, and Tamil still stands behind the new high platform.

The bigger station shelter of Kuala Gris Railway Halt.

Approaching a river while slowing down, which means the Shuttle Timuran 57dn is approaching Malaysia’s favourite station.

Passing by Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Dabong and Sekolah Kebangsaan Dabong. This was the key function of Dabong Railway Station as an education hub for villages along the KTM East Coast Line before it went viral around Malaysia.

Dabong Railway Station

There were quite a number of passengers at Dabong Railway Station‘s platform, but most were heading north and waiting for the Shuttle Timuran 60up instead.

With a bit of extra time at the platform, I headed down for a view of how the DMU 61 Class‘s door steps would fit a low platform, and to say cheese to the Polis Bantuan.

This is Coach A’s and D’s end-of-car steps which are outside of the flushed train car body. Passengers can use the handrails to steadily descend from the steps in reverse.

These are the more standard door and step set on all coaches by the gangway. The steps are inside of the flushed train car body which allow for a quicker descend as passengers can treat it like a staircase instead of a ladder.

For low platform stations, the platform inside the train retracts to unveil 1 step down for ease of boarding and alighting.

Once the doors are closed, the on-board platform extends to close up the gap down to the step.

Departing from Dabong Railway Station‘s platform to shunt to the loop line for crossing with Shuttle Timuran 60up.

Reversing into Dabong Railway Station‘s loop line with a view of 22 Class 22115 Kuala Lipis now sold to Emrail.

Looks like new businesses are popping up around Dabong Railway Station with the new domestic crowd.

Reversing into Dabong Railway Station at the direction of the station master and porter.

Crossing with Shuttle Timuran 60up operated by DMU05 / 61105 Kuala Krai at Dabong Railway Station.

After the Shuttle Timuran 60up had departed, the Shuttle Timuran 57dn opened its doors once again to pick up passengers who may be still on the platform but were unable to board during the crossing.

Taxi drivers at Dabong Railway Station bid goodbye to their passengers as they depart on the Shuttle Timuran 57dn.

Kemubu Railway Station

Next was another before time arrival at Kemubu Railway Station.