Hotel Review: Chariton Hotel Bagan (Butterworth) Double Decker Room Review

Chariton Hotel Bagan (Butterworth) Double Decker Room

Chariton Hotel Bagan is located about 1km from Butterworth Railway Station by foot, and is one of the closest hotels to Butterworth Railway Station. As I had an early morning train to catch the next day, I decided to stay in Butterworth instead of Penang Island so I wouldn’t be at the mercy of the new improved yet reduced Penang Fast Ferry schedule which would be cutting quite close to the ETS Gold 9321dn departure time.

Chariton Hotel Bagan (Butterworth)

The façade of Chariton Hotel Bagan (Butterworth).

Heading in to Chariton Hotel Bagan (Butterworth).

I paid RM79.75 on agoda for my Double Decker Room which was much lower than the walk-in rate of RM100. The Double Decker Room was the cheapest room available on agoda during my stay as the single rooms were all sold out.

On top of the room rate, Chariton Hotel Bagan will also collect RM50 as a key deposit, RM10 Tourism Tax, and RM2 Penang Heritage Tax. These will be collected in cash.

A lift is available to head up to the rooms.

My Double Decker Room at 308.

Chariton Hotel Bagan (Butterworth) Double Decker Room

The interior of the Chariton Hotel Bagan (Butterworth) Double Decker Room. As the name suggests, a double decker bed is provided in the room which sleeps up to 2 persons. The room is compact, but the layout maximises the space available.

2 pillows are provided on each bed, and towels are placed on the lower bed.

A desk is available in front of the double decker bed.

2 bottles of water, and coffee and tea are provided in the Double Decker Room.

A kettle is available in the Double Decker Room as well.

There is 1 main universal power socket, and another 3-pin power socket available if the kettle is unplugged.

The toilet and shower is placed together in the same area.

The toilet bowl comes with toilet paper and a bidet spray.

A hairdryer is available beside the sink.

A bottle of shampoo and shower gel is placed on the sink.

There is a regular shower head along with a rain shower coming out of the water heater.

There is a small shower niche to place shower amenities in.


Chariton Hotel Bagan (Butterworth) is located close to Butterworth Railway Station with about a 15-minute leisurely walk, with clean and modern rooms. Despite the 1km walking distance, it is actually one of the closest hotels to Butterworth Railway Station already, owing to the road layout around Butterworth Railway Station and Penang Sentral. Now that the Penang Fast Ferry is scarce or may not even be available in the early morning and night, staying over in Butterworth may become a necessity if using an early morning or late night ETS or Komuter train, and Chariton Hotel Bagan (Butterworth) is a good place to spend the night near Butterworth Railway Station.

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