Ekspres Selatan 43dn from Kluang to Kempas Baru by Train [ASC (Air-Conditioned Second Class)]

Ekspres Selatan 43dn from Kluang to Kempas Baru

After a satisfying breakfast at Kluang RailCoffee, it’s time to continue the journey down south to Kempas Baru and Johor Bahru with Ekspres Selatan 43dn for a daytime train ride. I scheduled breaking up my journey from Gemas to Kempas Baru (which turned out to be repeating instead) as I wanted to see the new line developments in proper day light than to just guess what’s happening if I passed by it in the evening or night time.

Old Kluang Railway Station

The old Kluang Railway Station is still in operation for passenger facilities.

However, the track is now in the process of removal.

Train services are using the elevated viaduct serving Kluang Temporary Railway Station. The northbound platform and building structure is almost complete. The old track is in the way of the future elevated southbound platform and station building.

Looking at the site of both the old Platform 1 northern end and the future southbound platform and station building of Kluang Railway Station.

The old station signs of Kluang Railway Station.

Before starting off on this short southbound journey, I stocked up on some drinks from Kluang Rail Kiosk.

Future Kluang Railway Station

My Ekspres Selatan 43dn arrived a whopping 30 minutes before time, but no hurry to head upstairs to board yet as disembarking passengers would be taking up space on the temporary bridge access anyway. That’s what happens when you don’t edit timetables according to the track readiness.

Kluang Temporary Railway Station

Heading to the bridge to head up to Kluang Temporary Railway Station.

Kluang Temporary Railway Station is located just south of the future Kluang Railway Station.

Possibly the last time I’ll be seeing these tracks.

The overhead bridge is now sheltered, offering a fully sheltered walk from the old Kluang Railway Station to Kluang Temporary Railway Station.

Possibly my last goodbye to Kluang Railway Station.

Heading up the temporary stairs to Kluang Temporary Railway Station.

As I still had plenty of time at Kluang Temporary Railway Station before departure, I walked around the platform first.

Looking at the future Kluang Railway Station from Kluang Temporary Railway Station.

Kluang Railway Station will have side platforms on an elevated double tracked line. You can see where the future southbound platform will be with the missing viaduct sides.

24 Class 24121 Tun Perak leads my Ekspres Selatan 43dn from Kluang to Kempas Baru.

Someone kindly left an empty cigarette box in the tray table on my seat.

The long wait at Kluang is due to the scheduled crossing with Ekspres Selatan 42up from Kluang to Kempas Baru. As you can see, there are no rails on the other side of the viaducts yet, rendering a crossing here impossible.

Nevertheless, my Ekspres Selatan 43dn still departed on time at 11.31am.

Departing from Kluang.

Passing over Jalan Mersing.

What a surreal view of Kluang from the viaducts.

Passing over Jalan Besar.

Mengkibol Railway Station

Approaching Mengkibol Railway Station.

With no loop line at KluangMengkibol Railway Station is now used as the crossing point for Ekspres Selatan 43dn and 42up.

Sleepers waiting to be laid.

The Ekspres Selatan 42up waits at the loop line of Mengkibol Railway Station, now arriving early every time, and departing late every time.

25 Class 25204 Mutiara leads the Ekspres Selatan 42up.

After the crossing, the Ekspres Selatan 42up is delayed by default.

I wonder what Mengkibol Railway Station will be like once completed.

Passing by the old alignment.

Heading up the viaducts to Renggam Temporary Railway Station.

Renggam Temporary Railway Station

Renggam Temporary Railway Station is elevated on the viaducts over the old Renggam Railway Station.

Similar to Kluang, Renggam Temporary Railway Station is a makeshift platform on the elevated viaducts with passenger facilities still operating at the old Renggam Railway Station.

The Renggam Temporary Railway Station platform is just before the future Renggam Railway Station.

Sometimes I wonder which station name will be edited next by KTM.

Future Renggam Railway Station

The future Renggam Railway Station will be elevated with side platforms.

Heading down on the old track or temporary track while another new viaduct gets constructed.

Layang-Layang Railway Station

Arriving at Layang-Layang Railway Station.

Perhaps my last time stepping off the train on to this low platform. I wonder if the popiah is still around.

The station sign of Layang-Layang Railway Station.

A few minutes before time, allowing me to walk a few steps on the old platform of Layang-Layang Railway Station once more.

Future Layang-Layang Railway Station

Looking south towards the future Layang-Layang Temporary Railway Station and Layang-Layang Railway Station.

Half of the future Layang-Layang Railway Station structure has been built, with the existing main line eating into part of the premise.

Layang-Layang Temporary Railway Station

Layang-Layang Temporary Railway Station is coming up with a track that passes through the future Layang-Layang Railway Station.

The station sign of Layang-Layang Temporary Railway Station.

The template station building of Layang-Layang Temporary Railway Station.

Layang-Layang Temporary Railway Station and future Layang-Layang Railway Station.

Future Layang-Layang Railway Station

Layang-Layang Railway Station will have 4 tracks and 6 platforms in future.

Perhaps see you soon, Layang-Layang Temporary Railway Station.

The future station building of Layang-Layang Railway Station.

The track bed will also sit higher next time.

The future alignment will be much straighter towards Kulai.

Passing by Sengkang Gate.

Passing by some rails at the yard north of the old Kulai Railway Station.

Another resold YDM4.

Passing by Mydin Kulai.

Future Kulai Railway Station

The future Kulai Railway Station building is coming up.

The old Kulai Railway Station is completely gone, with the site needed for construction of the future Kulai Railway Station.

Looks like the future Kulai Railway Station will have quite a big station building.

Soil seems to have been added on to the site of the former Kulai Railway Station. Perhaps the track bed may be raised too.

Passing by Kulai Centre Point.

The popular track crossing spot is still used by pedestrians.

Hello S&S.

Kulai Temporary Railway Station

Making a brief stop at Kulai Temporary Railway Station. Kulai Temporary Railway Station is located near the junction of Hospital Kulai, which is kind of more convenient than the old station location if you are going to malls around.

A car park is also built in the Kulai Temporary Railway Station compound.

Passing under Persiaran Putra Utama.

Another upcoming straighter deviation to Kempas Baru in future.

Kempas Baru Railway Station

My Ekspres Selatan 43dn arrived at Kempas Baru Railway Station on time at 1.04pm.

A shunting crew then takes over the rake to shunt it over to the yard.

Future Kempas Baru Railway Station

The future Kempas Baru Railway Station is taking shape too, a bit further away from the existing road links but will have a straighter alignment towards JB Sentral, and a new junction location to the Pasir Gudang Line.

Heading out of Kempas Baru Railway Station.

No alternative transport is provided for onward travel to JB Sentral. However, there is an RM2 discount offered when departing from KTM stations with MyCar.

Unfortunately the app was too clunky and I gave up registering my profile.

Grab it is.

Heading down the stairs to the car park.

The facade of Kempas Baru Railway Station.

My Grab would pick me up from this area to head to JB proper.

Well hello there, Woodlands. But nope.


Similar to my previous Ekspres Selatan 45dn trip from Gemas to Kempas Baru, another interesting ride through the Gemas-Johor Bahru Electrified Double-Tracking Project (EDTP) to see all the developments coming up rapidly in the southern region.


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