JB Larkin Sentral Charges RM2 For Boarding Pass And Facilities From 1 January 2022

Johor Bahru Larkin Sentral RM2 Charge for Boarding Pass and Facilities

From 1 January 2022, Johor Bahru Larkin Sentral will charge RM2 to all express and VTL bus passengers to print out the boarding pass and use Larkin Sentral bus terminal to board the bus. Express and VTL bus passengers must print out the boarding pass to use the Centralized Ticketing System (CTS), and must of course use Larkin Sentral to board the bus.

This new RM2 charge goes towards Larkin Sentral, and is not part of the bus ticket price.

This new charge is similar to Penang Sentral’s RM1 boarding pass charge, however, Penang Sentral does not have an additional fee for bus passengers to use the bus terminal.

The RM1 charge for boarding pass is only for scanning at the CTS gates, which is compulsory anyway. Another RM1 goes to the usage of Larkin Sentral bus terminal. The bus operator may use the existing A4 printout after scanning the boarding pass at the CTS gates, as the boarding pass is for Larkin Sentral and may not be used by the bus operator.

There is no alternative to this new RM2 charge as you must scan your boarding pass at the CTS gate, and your bus will pick up from Larkin Sentral anyway.

While the total RM2 charge goes towards Larkin Sentral, it will feel like a general RM2 increase in all bus ticket prices departing from Larkin Sentral.

To my knowledge, Larkin Sentral and Penang Sentral now charges RM1 for the boarding pass in the CTS system. I hope other bus terminals using the CTS terminal do not follow suit.

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