Jeti Pendaratan Kampung Dalam Rhu

Jeti Pendaratan Kampung Dalam Rhu

East Coast Line, but where’s the coast? I usually end my trip at Tumpat Railway Station focusing on trains, but never had the time to find the coast at the end of the line. This time, with a longer layover than usual that I have at Tumpat Railway Station from the Ekspres Rakyat Timuran 26up to my next Shuttle Timuran 57dn, I made sure to find some sea water before returning back from the end of the line without trespassing into people’s homes.

Walking around the perimeter of Tumpat Railway Station and depot on the northern end.

The landmark Tumpat Lighthouse is located within the premises of Tumpat depot, and is out of bounds to the public.

After the main entrance to the Tumpat depot, there is a small lane to various kampung houses pointing north in Kampung Dalam Rhu.

According to this Straits Times article, this seems to be new and the shoreline was much closer to the railway in the past.

I headed into the small lane between the kampung houses. A concrete path extending out to the water is just ahead.

I arrived at low tide, with the water receding, leaving a muddy inland with a grounded boat.

The end of the concrete path leads to Jeti Pendaratan Kampung Dalam Rhu or Kampung Dalam Rhu Landing Jetty.

Jeti Pendaratan Kampung Dalam Rhu extends above the water, thus making my journey to the coast at the end of the East Coast Line a success.

Kampung Dalam Rhu sits within the Kelantan Delta with the mouths of the Kelantan River, Sungai Mak Neralang, and Sungai Peng Nangka discharging to the South China Sea.

Next, I headed back to Tumpat Railway Station to catch my next train, Shuttle Timuran 57dn to Gua Musang.

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