Kluang RailCoffee Refreshed: A Revisit

After the rather disappointing visit after the July renovations before, I decided to go back again to see if any improvements were made after a few months.

The telur kampungs are finally back to the Kluang RailCoffee quality as I knew it before. Perhaps the strange looking eggs the last time was a trial on some new system they might have ordered but failed massively.

The roti bun looks and tastes worse than my previous visit. Not only is it soft and at room temperature, the bun itself looks barely toasted.

The kopi ais wasn’t good too. It’s probably confirmed to pre-made as I saw them simply pouring cold drinks from a central jug.

The new menu, though, saves the day. The new cucur ikan bilis (anchovies fritters) was served hot and crispy, with a side of chilli sauce that I almost missed since the colour of the sauce blended too well with the new plate.

The waffles are also served hot – crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. The batter is rather thick as well if you like hearty waffles. You can choose between butter, kaya or chocolate on the menu, but I’m pretty sure they can do other fillings they have lying around the kitchen too, as I saw someone get a peanut butter waffle.

A close-up of the generous filling in the waffles.

While the original menu seems disappointing when compared with the past, the new snacks available seem to make up for it a little. And thankfully I didn’t see the club sandwiches and hot plate chicken chop on the menu in the Kluang Railway Station outlet as compared with the franchises in the city, which doesn’t seem very original to me.

Will I be back? For the atmosphere and some hope of good food, I guess Kluang RailCoffee is here to stay.

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