Koc Selesa – Premier Night Deluxe Class (ADNFD)

The Koc Selesa and Senandung Sutera is no longer in operation.

Click here for ADNFD Air-conditioned Day/Night First Deluxe (Koc Selesa) coach information.

There are no more direct train services between Singapore and Kuala Lumpur or northern destinations. You must change trains at JB Sentral and Gemas.

The Premier Night Deluxe of KTM Intercity, sometimes known as First Class Cabin, Koc Selesa or ADNFD, is attached on the Senandung Sutera, the night train between JB Sentral and Ipoh, with a stop at Sentral Kuala Lumpur. 6 compartments are available onboard each ADNFD coach, each able to accommodate 2 passengers.

The bottom berth of the ADNFD from JB Sentral to KL Sentral goes for RM135, the upper berth goes for RM114, and the whole cabin would cost RM249. Included in the ticket price is a private bathroom with shower, towels, toiletries, supper and breakfast.

The aisle of the ADNFD.

The cabin is not the size of a hotel room, but good enough for a train ride for 2 people.

The view of the lower berth.

And the view of the upper berth.

To access the upper berth, use the ladder provided by the entrance door.

There used to be a television set here, but it has been removed, so there is an available power socket for you to charge your gadgets while on the journey.

The connecting door should you have more than 2 people travelling together. Rooms 2 and 3, and rooms 4 and 5 connect with each other.

Toilet and shower. There is a water heater so you don’t have to go for a cold shower.

The travel kit provided consists of a shaving set, a toothbrush and toothpaste set, a shower cap, and a bar of soap. Bring your own shampoo and other soaps if you wish to have a more comfortable shower.

The mineral water, bath towel, doormat and travel kit will be issued by an attendant after the conductor checks your ticket. Your supper and breakfast order will also be taken by the attendant.

The Nasi Goreng or Fried Rice for supper.

The caterer on this train is not the same as the ones on the Ekspres Rakyat or Senandung Langkawi, the food onboard is served from pre-cooked packets and plated for you if you’re on the ADNFD.

An egg mayo sandwich and instant coffee for breakfast.

Breakfast will be served after departure from Seremban railway station, and the bath towels and doormat will be collected back upon departure from Kajang station.

The view of the aisle of the ADNFD in the day.

Overall, the many frills for a short ride to KL was appreciated, but if you’re looking to get from point A to point B without the first class experience, the second class sleeper is good enough. Tickets for the ADNFD are only released on the day itself, and may also not be sold should there be technical problems with the coach.

Click here for the timetable of trains plying between Singapore and Bangkok and transfer combinations.

The Koc Selesa and Senandung Sutera is no longer in operation.


  1. The Premier Night Deluxe Class (ADNFD) backed to operation? I saw information on the internet that “starting at March 2014, this 1st class sleeping-car is temporarily out of service for overhaul” and the date of complete is not known. Aslo i cannot see ADFND tickets on KTMB ticketing system…

    1. Hi there! Yes I travelled on it a few days before the post was up, they’ve been also running for a while before this post was created. When are you booking the tickets for?

        1. Okay, tickets are open for booking only 30 days before departure, and for the ADNFD, “Tickets for the ADNFD are only released on the day itself, and may also not be sold should there be technical problems with the coach.”.

      1. I have been trying to book Premier Night Deluxe Class for nay destination but could not find in there e-ticket system. Please guide me. Thanks.

  2. Thanks for information. That will be difficult for me. I will go to KL form Europe at 5 PM (planned) and i need to get to Singapore for 2-3 days. Now i can buy quite chep tickets for the plane but train will be better but im not sure that i will get the tickets. Tickets will be shown in the internet reservation system at midnight (00:00) Malaysia time or later? If we dont get tickets – what about security in second sleep class? We will have luggage with camera, laptops etc… it will be safe?

    1. I travel most frequently in second class for night trains. Security is fine, I travel with my camera all the time. You may wish to get the lower bunks though if you have luggage.

  3. Ha… it looks that ADNFD seats are avaiable only in direction JB SENTRAL to KL SENTRAL, in second direction … not… can you please check it somewhere?

      1. I will be on october. But i need to know soon because i need to decide about buying air ticket…

    1. Not true. I tried to buy ticket for ADNFD from JB SENTRAL to KL SENTRAL for today via internet and the places are avaiable – train 24, train 25 not.

        1. I tried few days, day by day after mindinght malasyian time – and i didnt saw this seats.:(

  4. You can only book it on the day itself. Try checking back hourly from 10am Malaysian time to 4 hours before departure, on the day of departure. Remember – they only open the coach for booking on the day of departure itself. If it is not opened, it means there is no ADNFD attached on that day.

  5. hi there.. i’m planning to go from JB to Kl in July the 4th with my husband and 3 kids by train 24 and i plan to book ADNFD tickets for 5 of us.Correct me if i’m wrong..i read your article that i can only book it on the day itself. So,Im afraid its too risky to book not in a few days ahead…What should i do then to make sure that i got those tickets on that day? Thank you for reply..

    1. There’s no way to make sure as the ADNFD is dependent on availability. You can book yourselves in a second class sleeper and upgrade on the day itself. If not available, the second class sleeper is comfortable too.

      1. So i can book in a second class sleeper to make sure i get those tickets and it’s possible to upgrade to ADNFD on the day itself.Worth to try then..Thank you so much..Btw,is ADNFD always full booked or not?

        1. No, you cannot guarantee a ticket on the ADNFD. It is only a suggestion if you require travel on that day if you don’t mind the class. If you want definite tickets, wait at the station on the afternoon itself and see if it opens for sale. If it does not open, there is no ADNFD.

  6. Hi there, i would really love to go on the Premier Night Deluxe Class to Ipoh. Saw from your other link that it does that route. My plan is to travel on the 27th of May, but i was just wondering where can i book my ticket from if you don’t mind sharing, because i can’t seem to make the booking online.

    1. The Koc Selesa, if attached to the train, is only available for booking a few hours before departure. There is a possibility that the Koc Selesa is not attached to your train.

      There is also no more direct train service to Ipoh on 27 May.

  7. Hello..koc selesa ke utara..bila kah tarikh perjalanan pada Feb 2017…bagaimana saya hendak menempah tiket.

  8. Hello

    I’m planning to travel on the overnight sleeper from Gemas to Tumpat in a week. Is there really no longer a first class sleeper option (ADNFD)? Is it all Superior Night Class?


    1. The ADNFD is no longer in operation. Nevertheless, it used to be only on the Senandung Malam and Senandung Sutera between Singapore/JB Sentral and KL Sentral/Ipoh. It has never ran on the East Coast Line before.

      1. Thanks. Does that mean there is only 1 class of sleeping compartment on overnight East Coast services?

  9. Hi, I would like to Travel From KL into Singapore return by train and I was wondering what is the total cost and do I need to change trains?? Thanks

      1. WOW Thanks a lot for the detailed websites, I will need to sit down and read it again, that was an interesting read so far LoL…

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