Maju Bus Service JB City Square: Larkin Sentral to JB Sentral by Bus

Maju JBS Larkin JBS 001

Heading to JB Sentral to catch my Shuttle Tebrau connection, I got on the regular public bus again so that I can avoid the main road into JB Sentral via Grab with jams, and I get to pay fares that are much lower too. Since I had more than an hour to make my connection, this wasn’t a problem.

Maju JBS Larkin JBS 002

The air-conditioned waiting room at Larkin Sentral for stage buses. Be careful of waiting here though, announcements are not made for departing stage buses.

Maju JBS Larkin JBS 003

I headed out to the platform to wait for the bus instead.

Maju JBS Larkin JBS 004

The departure screen of the Stage Buses departing, though the timings are probably just for a guide.

Maju JBS Larkin JBS 007

After about 20 minutes of waiting, the bus to JB Sentral finally arrived.

Maju JBS Larkin JBS 008

Signs around the bus only state JB City Square, JB Larkin and Bandaraya, and the conductor at the terminal was also announcing only for JB Sentral, so I guess this is an extra shuttle.

Maju JBS Larkin JBS 009

The interior of this Maju bus.

Maju JBS Larkin JBS 010

My ticket for the Maju Bus ride from Larkin Sentral to JB Sentral. The ticket indicated the route number as 227 though, probably just to switch on the ticketing system.

Contrary to what’s displayed on the EDS, the Maju Bus Service JB City Square does not actually serve City Square, but only JB Sentral.

Maju JBS Larkin JBS 011

The ride from Larkin Sentral to JB Sentral took about 20 minutes inclusive of the jams getting out of Larkin Sentral.

Maju JBS Larkin JBS 012

Heading into JB Sentral bus terminal.

Maju JBS Larkin JBS 013

Here, I headed upstairs to catch my connecting Shuttle Tebrau 93dn back to Singapore.

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