Queen Express (QKL 12) from KL TBS (Terminal Bersepadu Selatan) to Rantau Panjang by Bus

Queen Express Bus from KL TBS (Terminal Bersepadu Selatan) to Rantau Panjang

Queen Express is a major express bus operator serving Kelantan routes. Heading up to Hat Yai on the Labour Day long weekend, I decided to detour via Rantau Panjang to avoid the jams on the west at Bukit Kayu Hitam or Padang Besar, and also for a joyride since it has been years since I took an express bus to Kelantan.

KL TBS (Terminal Bersepadu Selatan)

I arrived at Terminal Bersepadu Selatan (TBS) in good time to catch my Queen Express bus, and also to take a shower at the shower room at TBS Rest & Go Transit Hotel before embarking on this night bus journey.

I had purchased my Queen Express bus ticket on BusOnlineTicket, and the new GoPass QR code was included in the confirmation .pdf file, so there is no need to exchange for a boarding pass at TBS with this new BusOnlineTicket GoPass QR code.

For easier scanning, zoom in to the BusOnlineTicket GoPass QR code before scanning it on the CTS gates.

I double-checked my bus gate on the departure screen, and it was the same as on my BusOnlineTicket GoPass QR code.

Heading over to the small departure hall for Gates 17, 18, and 19 at the rear of the departure hall.

Looks like there are still some seats empty on my Queen Express QKL 12 bus to Rantau Panjang. Notice that Queen Express has only 10 rows of seats on the upper deck, instead of the usual 11, and the worst of them all, 12 but with cheaper fares. This was the main reason I chose Queen Express as 1 less row of seats means more legroom.

Scanning my BusOnlineTicket GoPass QR code directly from my phone at the CTS ticket gates.

Heading down the escalator to the small departure hall of Gates 17, 18, and 19.

Gate 17 is behind the escalator.

There was a piece of paper stuck on the departure gate screen claiming it was “under maintenance”, but the information looked very up to date to me.

There was a delay in bus arrival, and my 10pm Queen Express QKL 12 bus only arrived at 10.18pm. The Queen Express QKL 12 bus originates from Nilai, serving Kajang and Putrajaya first.

My BusOnlineTicket GoPass QR code was scanned at the gate when boarding, but there seems to be an issue, with the staff looking through the details on their screen for about a minute and making a manual mark at my name on the manifest, but they told me everything was fine and it was not an issue to be worried about.

Queen Express (QKL 12)

The luggage compartment was directly in front of the boarding gate for passengers to load up luggage immediately before boarding.

DDK 4477 will be operating on my Queen Express QKL 12 bus from KL TBS (Terminal Bersepadu Selatan) to Rantau Panjang.

Boarding the Queen Express bus.

The interior of the upper deck of the Queen Express bus. Seats are in a 2+1 configuration with Orient seats.

My single seat at 9A.

The good legroom on board Queen Express with 10 rows of seats on the upper deck.

2 USB charging sockets are available at the back of the seat in front by the handle.

While there is no light indicating that it was working, and for the better too since I wouldn’t want a blue LED light in my face throughout the night, charging was working very well and was faster than I expected for bus charging standards.

My 10pm Queen Express QKL 12 bus departed from KL TBS (Terminal Bersepadu Selatan) at 10.28pm – 28 minutes delayed.

Not all seats were filled yet, but my Queen Express QKL 12 bus would be making 1 more stop in KL first.


Making a brief stop at Greenwood Express Bus Stop to pick up the last batch of KL passengers. My Queen Express QKL 12 bus departed from Greenwood at 11.05pm.

Heading through Gombak Toll Plaza to enter the Karak Expressway.

Heading on the Karak Expressway just as the rain started again.


Making a brief stop at Raub Bus Terminal.

Hentian Gua Musang

My Queen Express QKL 12 bus made a rest stop at Hentian Gua Musang at 2.21am, like most buses travelling on Malaysia Federal Route 8.

No announcement was made by the bus driver on this stop, and neither was there any time to return to the bus. However, I knew it would be for a while as the driver needs to refuel the bus and get supper too, and I won’t be needing a long break at 2.21am.

Passengers will alight at Petron for Hentian Gua Musang.

There was quite a queue for toilets at Petron Hentian Gua Musang, which is absolutely unnecessary.

For toilets, follow where everyone is walking to Hentian Gua Musang proper.

Before entering the food court area of Hentian Gua Musang, there are toilet buildings where there are more than sufficient cubicles for everyone.

The main part of Hentian Gua Musang is the food court area where food, drinks, and 3-pin charging sockets are available.

Surprisingly to me, lots of people were able to eat full meals at 2 in the morning.

The façade of Hentian Gua Musang.

With super globalisation, even McDonald’s is now available at Hentian Gua Musang. However, it only opens from 6am to midnight, and night bus passengers will not be able to buy any McDonald’s during the rest stop.

The re-boarding area is out the back of food court. Buses will drive over from Petron after refuelling to the re-boarding area.

There are plenty of buses operating on Kelantan routes. Make sure you recognise your own bus and the plate number of it as well.

My Queen Express QKL 12 bus DDK 4477 at Hentian Gua Musang.

The destination sign of my Queen Express QKL 12 bus, displayed on the windscreen by the door.

My Queen Express QKL 12 bus departed from Hentian Gua Musang at 3.03am.

Kuala Krai

Making a brief stop at Kuala Krai Guchil Sentral.

Tanah Merah

Making a brief stop at Tanah Merah Express Bus Station.

Pasir Mas

Making a brief stop at Pasir Mas Tasek Raja Bus Terminal.

Rantau Panjang

My Queen Express QKL 12 bus arrived at Rantau Panjang Express Bus and Taxi Station at 5.45am, making this a journey time of 7 hours and 17 minutes, or 7 hours and 45 minutes if counting from schedule departure time.

The landmark of Rantau Panjang at Rantau Panjang Express Bus and Taxi Station.

There is a sheltered walkway connecting Rantau Panjang Express Bus and Taxi Station to the Rantau Panjang Immigration, Customs, Quarantine, and Security (ICQS) Complex.

However, as it was still rather dark, I walked on the road for better lighting. The road in the morning was devoid of traffic anyway.

Signs point to Thailand here at Rantau Panjang.

Rantau Panjang Immigration, Customs, Quarantine and Security (ICQS) Complex

Rantau Panjang Immigration, Customs, Quarantine and Security (ICQS) Complex was still closed when I got there at around 6am. The border at Rantau Panjang only opens at 7am Malaysia time (GMT+8), and 6am Thailand time (GMT+7).

I then backtracked to the roadside mamak to get breakfast while waiting 1 hour for the border to open.


Overall, it was a comfortable ride on board Queen Express with a good seat product with good legroom, good air-conditioning, and even USB charging sockets available for use throughout the bus journey. Punctuality can be improved for departures in KL, as the small departure gates of TBS are not very comfortable to wait in with not much air-conditioning, no toilets, and insufficient seating, and the driver should make announcements at stops so that alighting passengers know where they are, or how long a rest stop is.

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