Rail Corridor Kranji MRT Viaducts Access Point • Closure between Kranji MRT Viaducts and Kranji Gate

Rail Corridor Closed between Kranji MRT Viaducts and Kranji Gate

When I walked the short section of the Rail Corridor on 15 September 2021, I noticed that the railway alignment south of Kranji Gate was closed. I guessed that the closed section on the other side would be at the Kranji MRT Viaducts near KF1 Karting Circuit, and I headed back there to double-confirm it on 18 September 2021.

Rail Corridor Kranji MRT Viaducts (KF1 Karting Circuit) Access Point

The Rail Corridor can be accessed near Kranji MRT Station after KF1 Karting Circuit. On the walking route to Kranji War Memorial, cross the road when you see the MRT viaducts crossing it.

The Rail Corridor can be accessed from a dirt path under the MRT viaducts.

This offers a nice shady walk, and can also be used as a rain escape route from the Rail Corridor.

The plots of land for the Agri-Food Innovation Park (AFIP) has been hoarded up already.

On the path under the MRT viaducts, there is only 1 muddy and water-clogged portion. There is a wooden plank beside it for easy walking, but this can be easily jumped across.

There is a set of concrete steps leading from this access path under the MRT viaducts to the Rail Corridor.

Just as predicted, the other end of the corrugated hoardings is located right here at the MRT viaducts.

Looking down towards Bukit Timah Railway Station and Tanjong Pagar Railway Station.

The Rail Corridor is blocked off with corrugated hoardings and an access door. The sign provides no details on what this closure for maintenance is about, though I hope the ground will be strengthened if it’s meant to reopen again.

This also marks the northernmost point that can be accessed from opposite CHIJ Our Lady Queen of Peace as this marks the next significant diversion after Bridge 1861-Hillview.

Fun fact: The MRT viaducts here are exactly 762.00KM from Butterworth and is known to KTM as Road Over Bridge 1839.

Exit from Rail Corridor to Kranji MRT Station

To head out of the Rail Corridor from this point, follow the path below the MRT viaducts out to Woodlands Road near KF1 Karting Circuit. Do note that this is not the final realignment of the Rail Corridor to swing towards Kranji MRT Station, but the current diversion.


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