ScotRail Inter7City 1B35 from Aberdeen to Edinburgh Waverley by Train

ScotRail Inter7City 1B35 Train from Aberdeen to Edinburgh Waverley

Following a short layover in Aberdeen, it’s time to head back to the station to catch the ScotRail 1B35 train from Aberdeen to Edinburgh Waverley. I knew that the Class 43 High-Speed Trains (HSTs) were operating on this route, but not on all trains. While I bought this ticket for its advance fare, I was hoping it would be operated by a HST to clear off something on my bucket list.

Aberdeen Railway Station

The façade of Aberdeen Railway Station from Union Square Shopping Centre Aberdeen.

Heading in to Aberdeen Railway Station.

The concourse of Aberdeen Railway Station was undergoing renovations during my visit.

Heading through the ticket gates.

My train was indicated as an Inter7City. Perfect.

What was even more pleasant that my Class 43 HST locomotive was 43125, which is an apt number to remind me of the original InterCity 125 branding of the Class 43 HST.

Scotland’s first 7 cities are featured on the livery of the Inter7City. While Dunfermline is now Scotland’s 8th city as named by Queen Elizabeth II, it is not updated on the Inter7City, and perhaps properly so as Dunfermline is not served by the Inter7City.

The Inter7City has a First Class car.

The Inter7City First Class car is refurbished but retains the original HST seat design, offering a plush way to travel.

Seats are laid out in a 2+1 configuration with mostly table seats available.

Luggage racks are available inside the coach.

During my trip, no complimentary food and drinks were served due to COVID, but the upgrades were cheap at just £6 or so. However, I didn’t take the offer up as my ticket also costed me £6, so it would have been a 100% increase in fare.

The buffet was also out of service at Aberdeen.

A slam door is still fitted at the buffet area for emergency use only.

The other doors on the train set are now automated and sliding.

The other 4 cars are of Standard Class seating.

The old Abellio logo mark still sits around the dust on the train door.

The front end of the Inter7City set was 43169.

There was quite a platform gap due to the convex curve the train was on.

The interior of 43169 can be seen from the gangway.

The interior of the Inter7City in Standard Class.

A mix of table and airline-style seats are available on board.

For airline-style seats, a fold-down tray table is available from the seat backs.

2 3-pin power sockets are available on each table. Sockets are placed upside down to allow the wires from the bottom of the plug to come out on top instead.

Luggage racks are available near the doors.

A toilet is also available.

The toilet is compact but functional and clean.

Scottish humour can be found on out of bound doors.

My ScotRail Inter7City 1B35 train departed from Aberdeen at 1.58pm – 2 minutes delayed.

Passing by Wellington Suspension Bridge.

The scenery quickly gives way to cows grazing by the sea.

The scenery south of Aberdeen goes by a scenic route along the coast.

Stonehaven Railway Station

Making a brief stop at Stonehaven Railway Station.

The inland scenery was also beautiful on the right side of the train.

My ticket was checked here after Stonehaven.

Montrose Railway Station

Making a brief stop at Montrose Railway Station.

Crossing the South Esk Viaduct over the River South Esk.

The Montrose Bridge runs parallel beside the South Esk Viaduct.

“Sailing” over the Montrose Basin.

More coastal scenery along the way.

Arbroath Railway Station

Making a brief stop at Arbroath Railway Station.

To my surprise, a trolley service was offered on board, despite the buffet being closed.

Heading inland just like the River Tay.

Dundee Railway Station

Making a brief stop at Dundee Railway Station.

Heading left after Dundee Railway Station on to the Tay Bridge.

Crossing over the River Tay on the Tay Bridge.

Passing the Wormit Signal Box.

Leuchars Railway Station

Making a brief stop at Leuchars Railway Station.

From here on, it’s a non-stop trip through the Fife Circle all the way to Edinburgh Haymarket.

Passing through Markinch Railway Station.

Passing by the wye junction to Glenrothes with Thornton and Dunfermline.

Passing by the wye junction from Glenrothes with Thornton.

It’s quite a luxury to be passing through the busy Fife Circle Line non-stop through all the stations.

Passing by the wye junction to Dunfermline and Glenrothes with Thornton. This is not regularly used by passenger trains.

Passing by the wye junction from Dunfermline.

Passing through Inverkeithing Railway Station.

Approaching the Forth Bridge.

Crossing over the Firth of Forth on the Forth Bridge.

Passing over Inchgarvie.

Passing by Edinburgh Airport.

Passing through Edinburgh Gateway Railway Station.

Approaching the line from Glasgow.

Heading alongside the Edinburgh Trams tracks.

Passing by Murrayfield Stadium.

Passing through Haymarket Depot.

More Inter7City trains stabling at Haymarket Depot.

Haymarket Railway Station

Making a brief stop at Haymarket Railway Station.

Approaching Edinburgh Waverley.

Edinburgh Waverley Railway Station

My ScotRail Inter7City 1B35 arrived at Edinburgh Waverley at 4.26pm – 1 minute early.

There are no ticket gates at Platform 19 so it’s directly out to the concourse from here.

Heading out of Edinburgh Waverley to Princes Street.

The unassuming façade of Edinburgh Waverley Railway Station’s main entrance.

Princes Street is the main road of Edinburgh New Town where onward public transport connections are available.


I was very happy to finally ride on an InterCity 125 High Speed Train even though it’s heavily refurbished with ScotRail. The long distances between stations also allowed me to appreciate the Class 43 locomotives working with power on this highlands route. The natural scenery throughout the journey from Aberdeen to Edinburgh was also amazing, which makes for one of the world’s greatest train journeys for me.

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