KTM Shuttle Tebrau 91dn from JB Sentral to Woodlands CIQ by Train (Connection from Butterworth & Gemas (ETS Gold 9321dn & Ekspres Selatan 45dn))

Shuttle Tebrau 91dn from JB Sentral to Woodlands CIQ by Train (Connection from Butterworth & Gemas (ETS Gold 9321dn & Ekspres Selatan 45dn))

Shuttle Tebrau 91dn is a popular daily train from JB Sentral to Woodlands CIQ at the convenient timing of 8.15pm. Aside from being popular with JB daytrippers after dinner, Shuttle Tebrau 91dn also offers a connection with Ekspres Selatan 45dn, which in turn offers a connection from ETS Gold 9321dn and Shuttle Timuran 35dn, making it the most seamless connection from day trains originating almost throughout Peninsular Malaysia. Shuttle Tebrau 91dn also marks the last train connection I need for me to get back to Singapore from Bangkok Krung Thep Aphiwat Central Terminal.

Johor Bahru Sentral Railway Station (JB Sentral)

With the early arrival into JB Sentral from my Ekspres Selatan 45dn, I had about 20 minutes to hop over to Johor Bahru City Square to get a snack before heading back to Singapore.

I arrived back at JB Sentral Gate A 5 minutes before the boarding gates close 10 minutes before departure time.

A much lesser crowd to deal with now.

I waited around till the Automated Control Gate (ACG) area was empty before heading in. No point rushing anyway since the queue would have simply moved to immigration.

The Automated Control Gate (ACG) displays the departing Shuttle Tebrau 91dn train details.

Scanning my passport at the Shuttle Tebrau Automated Control Gate (ACG) at JB Sentral Gate A.

My Shuttle Tebrau 91dn train departure details are displayed on the Automated Control Gate (ACG) screen. This is in contrast the the almost-blank screen on my KTM Komuter Northern Sector 2963dn.

Heading down the escalator to Malaysia immigration.

Joining the rest of the queue for Malaysia immigration. Both sides of counters can be used.

As I was one of the last passengers to clear immigration, there was no waiting needed in the waiting room and the door to the platform has already opened.

Heading out to the transfer level.

Heading down to Platform 4 with the escalator.

25 Class Locomotive 25110 Pulau Pinang leads my Shuttle Tebrau 91dn on the southern end.

The Shuttle Tebrau 91dn was already fully seated by the time I got to the train, but no matter, it’s just a 5 minute ride.

My Shuttle Tebrau 91dn departed from JB Sentral at 8.16pm – 1 minute delayed.

Heading under Jalan Ismail Sultan.

Looking back at the JB skyline.

Heading on to the Johor-Singapore Causeway.

Crossing the international border from Malaysia to Singapore.

Bypassing the evening traffic jams with ease on board the Shuttle Tebrau 91dn.

Approaching Woodlands Train Checkpoint (Woodlands CIQ) with a sign warning of the end of track after the station.

Woodlands Train Checkpoint (Woodlands CIQ)

Being the last to board, I was the first to disembark at Woodlands Train Checkpoint (Woodlands CIQ), and immigration was a breeze with no queues. In less than 5 minutes, I was done with Singapore immigration and customs, heading out of Woodlands Train Checkpoint (Woodlands CIQ).

No photos are allowed inside Woodlands Train Checkpoint (Woodlands CIQ).

My Shuttle Tebrau 91dn at Woodlands Train Checkpoint (Woodlands CIQ), forming the next Shuttle Tebrau 92up back to JB Sentral.

This marks the end of the new train journey from Bangkok to Singapore, starting from the modern Krung Thep Aphiwat Central Terminal to the stale converted Woodlands Train Checkpoint.

New 2023 Bangkok to Singapore Train Journey

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