Shuttle Timuran 51/60 Operates With Double Set DMU From 9 October 2021

Double Set DMU for Shuttle Timuran 51/60

Following the crowded run of the Double Set DMU for Shuttle Timuran 55/56 on 8 October 2021, Shuttle Timuran 51/60 will also operate with a Double Set DMU from 9 October 2021.

Shuttle Timuran 51/60 plies between Tumpat Railway Station and Gua Musang Railway Station, and will operate with a double set of DMU 61 Class on Fridays, Saturdays, and public holidays. This doubles the seating capacity of Shuttle Timuran 51/60 to 416 seats across 8 cars.

Cover image courtesy of Kelvin Khew.

Shuttle Timuran 51/60 Timetable

Shuttle Timuran 51 departs from Tumpat Railway Station at 4.05am, arriving at Dabong Railway Station at 7.20am, and Gua Musang Railway Station at 10.05am.

Returning back, Shuttle Timuran 60 departs from Gua Musang Railway Station at 4.00pm, Dabong Railway Station at 6.05pm, arriving at Tumpat Railway Station at 9.31pm.

Jadual Tren 10 Intercity (TTE) 22 Ogos 2021

View the Shuttle Timuran timetable here.

KTM 61 Class DMU

The KTM DMU 61 Class is the newest 4-car Diesel Multiple Unit (DMU) for DMU train services – the new generation of regional travel on non-electrified lines on the network upgraded from locomotive-hauled services.

There are 2 versions of DMU 61 Class trains – 1 with parcel storage and 1 without. Version 1 without PV has 214 seats, while Version 2 with PV has 208 seats.

416 Seats

KTM Berhad promoted the double set Shuttle Timuran 55/56 service with a seating capacity of 416 seats. This means that KTM will operate this double set Shuttle Timuran service with 2 sets of Version 2 with PV (208 seats), of which KTM has an abundant 9 sets. With this abundance, and with a search on KITS, the same configuration is used for .

A quick search on KITS shows that KTM is selling both DMU 61 Class sets in the Version 2 configuration, easily identified by the “wall seats” or longitudinal seats.

Notably, the 25 standing tickets in each DMU 61 Class coach (100 standing tickets per set) cannot be purchased on this double set Shuttle Timuran service. The additional seating capacity would hopefully help mitigate the loading issue on board Shuttle Timuran 51/60. especially on Kelantan weekends (Fridays and Saturdays) and public holidays.

Shuttle Timuran 53/58?

The Shuttle Timuran 53dn from Gua Musang to Kuala Lipis is formed of the same train that operated on Shuttle Timuran 51dn, and view versa for the northbound Shuttle Timuran 58up which then becomes Shuttle Timuran 60up.

On KITS, Shuttle Timuran 53/58 does not have a Double Set DMU operating.

It is not known yet if KTM Berhad will decouple the additional DMU set at Gua Musang from the Shuttle Timuran 51dn, before continuing on as the Shuttle Timuran 53dn, or if both sets will operate coupled on Shuttle Timuran 53/58 anyway.

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