VTL Bus Document Checklist to Singapore from JB Malaysia for Causeway Link & Transtar Travel VTL Buses

Documents required for travelling from Malaysia to Singapore by Causeway Link and Transtar Travel VTL Buses

Vaccinated Travel Lane-Land (VTL-Land) passengers travelling on the Causeway Link VTL Bus and Transtar Travel VTL Bus via the Johor-Singapore Causeway can travel from Johor Bahru, Malaysia to Singapore without quarantine.

Click here for VTL Bus Document Checklist from 🇸🇬 Singapore to 🇲🇾 Johor Bahru Malaysia.

Documents required before boarding the Causeway Link VTL Bus and Transtar Travel VTL Bus from Larkin Sentral:

  1. Bus ticket for designated Causeway Link VTL Bus or Transtar Travel VTL Bus
  2. Passport
  3. Singapore NRIC or Re-Entry Permit (applicable for Singapore Permanent Residents only)
  4. Physical or electronic copy of the Vaccinated Travel Pass (VTP) for the specified period of entry (applicable for Singapore-issued Long-Term Pass holders only)
  5. Valid digitally verifiable vaccination certificate issued by Malaysia from MySejahtera, issued by Singapore from NotariseTraceTogether, or HealthHub, or any other digitally verifiable vaccination certificate accepted by Singapore under the VTL (Land) in English
  6. Valid pre-departure negative COVID-19 PCR or ART test in English
  7. SG Arrival Card (SGAC)
  8. Downloaded TraceTogether app

Passengers without all these documents will be denied boarding.

🦠 NEW: Additional Post-Arrival Days 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 Antigen Rapid Test (RTK-Ag) in 🇲🇾 MALAYSIA for ALL Malaysia VTL Passengers

🦠 NEW: Additional Post-Arrival Days 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7 COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test (ART) in 🇸🇬 SINGAPORE for ALL Singapore VTL Passengers

Full details are below, with information extracted from SafeTravel by the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority of Singapore.

VTL (Land) Checklist for Travel to Singapore from SafeTravel by the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority

VTL Land Travel Checklist

  For travellers including Singapore Citizens, Permanent Residents and holders of a Singapore-issued Long-Term Pass entering Singapore via the Causeway taking designated buses for the VTL (Land).

   Not for travellers arriving in Singapore by plane ✈. Fully vaccinated travellers who intend to fly from Malaysia to Singapore should check the Vaccinated Travel Lane (Air) for more details.

   Not for travellers leaving Singapore. Travellers who intend to leave Singapore using the VTL (Land) should visit the “Vaccinated Travel Lane (Land) for Travel to Malaysia” page for more details.

  Travellers may mark “☑” against the box (☐) for completed actions.

Stage 1: Before Travelling to Singapore

Obtain any of the following digitally verifiable vaccination certificates accepted by the Singapore Government:

  1. Singapore: Singapore Vaccination HealthCerts issued via the Notarise portal with a QR code, or Proof of vaccination on the TraceTogether or HealthHub app
  2. Malaysia: Digital Certificate for COVID-19 Vaccination downloaded or shown on the MySejahtera app
  3. Other VTL countriesClick here for full list of vaccination certificates recognised.

Travellers vaccinated overseas are advised to refer to this guide to verify if your vaccination certificate is accepted in Singapore.

❓  Frequently asked questions regarding vaccination proof can be found here.

⏰   Purchase tickets at least 1 day before arrival in Singapore

To qualify for VTL (Land)’s quarantine-free travel health protocols, VTL (Land) travellers must arrive in Singapore on a designated bus service offered by the operators below*.

*The list of bus operators and websites will be regularly updated.


⏰   Apply at least 3 calendar days before the intended date of entry.

❌  Unvaccinated children aged 12 and below in this calendar year do not need to apply. However, they must comply with all other VTL (Land) conditions, including being a Singapore resident and being accompanied by a fully vaccinated VTL (Land) traveller.

⚠ Please note the following while making the application on the VTP application portal:

  1. If your intended date of entry is not reflected in the portal, come back on another day to apply as VTP dates are made available in the system on a rolling basis.
  2. Travellers who are vaccinated in Singapore are not required to submit their vaccination certificates as their vaccination records are already captured in the Singapore Ministry of Health (MOH) database.
  3. Applicants not vaccinated in Singapore whose vaccination certificate contains multiple QR codes should ensure that they crop each QR code and upload them separately in order to avoid upload errors. Travellers who still experience issues uploading the QR code to the VTP application portal, should write to the Safe Travel Office for help and provide their vaccination certificate.
  4. VTP is valid for 14 calendar days from the chosen date of entry.(Example: A traveller holding a VTP (Land) for entry into Singapore on 1 December 2021 may enter Singapore on a designated VTL (Land) bus service on any day from 1 December to 14 December 2021. The traveller should apply for a new VTP if he is unable to enter Singapore from 1 December to 14 December.)

⏰   Take a pre-departure COVID-19 Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test or Antigen Rapid Test (ART) within 2 days before departure for Singapore.

The test must be taken at a laboratory or centre accredited or recognised by the Malaysia Ministry of Health. Travellers should obtain a test report that:

  1. Is in English (or accompanied with an English translation);
  2. Contains the traveller’s name, and either date of birth or passport number (per the passport used to travel to Singapore);
  3. Reflects the date and time the test was taken, the name of the testing institution; and
  4. Has a negative test result.

Illustration of acceptable 2-day timeline: The earliest date which a traveller entering Singapore on 3 December 2021 should take a pre-departure COVID-19 test, is 1 December 2021.

❌ Children aged two and below in this calendar year (i.e. child who has turned two this year) do not require a PDT.

⏰   Submit the SG Arrival Card health and travel history declaration up to 3 days before arriving in Singapore.

  1. Travellers must fill the online SG Arrival Card (SGAC) before arriving in Singapore, otherwise they will be asked to it fill up on the spot and experience delays at the checkpoint. Please refer to the SGAC video guide if you are unsure how to fill it up.
  2. The SGAC replaces the physical arrival “White Card”, which is no longer in use. SGAC is a free service and travellers should beware of websites offering to fill the SGAC declaration for a fee.

⚠  Defer travel if you:

  1. Have COVID-19 symptoms;
  2. Are diagnosed or suspected to have contracted COVID-19 in the last 14 days before departing for Singapore; or
  3. Had been in close contact with a COVID-19 positive patient in the last 7 days before departing for Singapore. This includes the provision of care for a COVID-19 patient in a healthcare or family/social setting, staying in the same location as a COVID-19 patient, or had been in close (i.e. less than two meters) contact with a COVID-19 patient for more than 15 minutes.

To enjoy automated immigration clearance at Woodlands Checkpoint, travellers may follow the following steps:

Traveller Profile Instructions
Singapore Permanent Residents Perform a transfer of Re-Entry Permit to the new Passport using the weblink in MyICA
MOM Work Permit, S Pass, Employment Pass, Dependant Pass, Long-Term Pass Holder Update Passport particulars through the “Notify MOM” option after selecting the relevant pass type in the MOM Website
ICA Long-Term Visit Pass Holder To report a change in Passport particulars, you will need to:

  1. Email ICA_Visit_Pass@ica.gov.sg with the subject title: Change of Passport Particulars for LTVP Holder (FIN No: XXXXXXXXXX); and
  2. Attach the following documents in your email:
    1. Passport biodata page
    2. Long-Term Visit Pass card
    3. Sponsor’s Identity Card
Stage 2: Departure for Singapore

Present the following documents to transport operators for verification:

  1. Ticket for designated VTL (Land) bus services;
  2. Passport;
  3. [Only applicable for Singapore Permanent Residents] Singapore NRIC or Re-Entry Permit
  4. [Only applicable for holders of a Singapore-issued Long-Term Pass] Physical or electronic copy of the VTP for the specified period of entry (per Stage 1C)
  5. Valid digitally verifiable vaccination certificate issued by Malaysia, or any other digitally verifiable vaccination certificate accepted by Singapore under the VTL (Land) in English (per Stage 1A)
  6. Valid pre-departure COVID-19 PCR test or ART showing a negative test result in English (per Stage 1D)
Stage 3: Arrival in Singapore

Follow the instructions provided by the officers and signages on arrival. Travellers must present the same set of documentation listed in Stage 2 for immigration clearance.

⚠ Travellers who do not have the required documentation may be refused entry into Singapore by the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA).

🚍 Travellers must board the same bus after clearing immigration, to be transported to the On-Arrival Test location.

Travellers will be ferried to Queen Street Terminal or Woodlands Temporary Bus Interchange, where they will take their on-arrival COVID-19 ART. Including GST, the test costs $15 and travellers can make e-payment for the test on the spot.

❌ Children aged two and below in this calendar year (i.e. child who has turned two this year) do not require an on-arrival test.

🚍 Travellers can use any transport to leave Queen Street Terminal or Woodlands Temporary Bus Interchange if they have tested negative for their on-arrival COVID-19 ART.

❌ Children aged two and below in this calendar year are exempted from this requirement.

From 6 December 2021, 2359hrs, travellers entering Singapore will take a COVID-19 ART daily, over a six-day period after the day of arrival. General details below, but travellers should refer to their email and testing notice for the detailed testing instructions and schedule.

Mandatory Testing Schedule

Day of Arrival in Singapore Test Type
Day 1 On-Arrival PCR test
Day 2 Self-administered ART
Day 3 Supervised ART at QTC or CTC
Day 4 Self-administered ART
Day 5 Self-administered ART
Day 6 Self-administered ART
Day 7 Supervised ART at QTC or CTC

Self-Administered ART: Days 2, 4, 5 and 6 of arrival in Singapore

Travellers will administer a COVID-19 ART on Days 2, 4, 5 and 6 of their arrival in Singapore using an ART kit they had purchased in Singapore. All ART results must be submitted online via a link provided in the testing notice. Travellers may only leave their accommodations and continue with their activities if they are tested ART negative.

Supervised ART: Days 3 and 7 of arrival in Singapore

Travellers will take a supervised self-administered COVID-19 ART at a Quick Test Centre (QTC) or Combined Test Centres (CTC). All tests administered at the QTC and CTC will be supervised by an approved COVID-19 test provider, and each test will cost S$15 (including GST). Only cashless payment is accepted, this includes payment using Mastercard, NETS, PayNow and Visa. Cash payments will not be accepted.

Children aged 3 to 12 must be accompanied by a caregiver, aged 21 years old and above. The caregiver may be required to help administer the test if the child is unable to do so.


Travellers leaving Singapore any time between Day 2 and 7 (both dates inclusive) of their arrival are exempted from taking the self-administered ART or supervised ART on their day of departure. The traveller’s time of departure from Singapore is defined as the scheduled time of departure of their flight or ferry, or the time they clear departure immigration if they depart by land.

Stage 4: Stay in Singapore

The vaccination status of all fully vaccinated VTL (Land) travellers vaccinated outside Singapore will be automatically reflected on their TraceTogether app 1 day after arrival in Singapore.

All travellers must comply with the latest public health measures. This includes the use of the TraceTogether app, which allows the identification of close contacts of a positive COVID-19 case. Please visit the Ministry of Health website for details on the prevailing measures.

Some activities in Singapore may require proof of vaccination (e.g. attendance at large scale events, entering shopping malls, dining in).