KKKL Express (Terus Nanti) from Segamat to KL TBS (Terminal Bersepadu Selatan) by Bus

KKKL Express Bus from Segamat to KL TBS (Terminal Bersepadu Selatan)

After a day of taking local buses from Singapore to Segamat, it’s time to end my journey in the evening and fast-forward to KL. KKKL seems to be the only express bus operator running between Segamat and KL now, and I booked my ticket in advance on BusOnlineTicket as there were only 3 seats left even 5 days before departure.

Segamat Bus Station

The façade of Segamat Bus Station.

I proceeded up to the KKKL ticket counter to check if I needed to re-print anything to board my bus, and was told to proceed directly for boarding with my BusOnlineTicket email ticket on my phone.

Segamat Bus Station is air-conditioned with many empty shop lots. There is a convenience store selling drinks and snacks for the journey.

Toilets are also available at 30 sen per entry.

However, to avoid this charge if you’re not in a rush, simply walk a few steps over to Segamat Central Shopping Centre and use the mall toilet for free.

Buses are parked at lots facing the future Segamat Railway Station.

Nearing departure time, the KKKL bus shifted from the parking lot to the bus berth at Segamat Bus Station.

JTK 3199 would be operating my 6pm KKKL bus to KL. This is the last bus of the day, which could explain why it got full rather quickly.

My BusOnlineTicket KKKL ticket on my phone.

While the bus door was not opened yet, passengers could load luggage into the luggage compartment by themselves first.

A terminal staff came down just before departure time to check for tickets at the bus door and tick everyone off his manifest.

It was Ramadan during my journey and many passengers brought food on board to break their fast. While food restrictions are relaxed, KKKL still kept their standard of bus cleanliness by only insisting on drinks in bottles. All drinks were checked for at the bus door and cups were not allowed to be brought on board.

KKKL Express

The interior of the KKKL express bus from Segamat to KL.

As there were only 3 seats remaining, I picked the least awkward seat at the front of the bus. I also get more legroom this way, and a nice front view out of the bus.

My seat number 1 is the aisle seat on the pair. The single seat up front is labelled as A.

My 6pm KKKL bus departed from Segamat Bus Station at 6.05pm – 5 minutes delayed.

Crossing over the former railway crossing south of the former Segamat Railway Station.

Passing under the new railway viaduct.

The first part of the journey goes on Malaysia Federal Route 23 or Jalan Muar-Tangkak-Segamat. It’s 54.4km from Segamat Bus Station to Inbound Tangkak Toll Plaza for the North-South Expressway.

Passing local bus stops along Federal Route 23. This wasn’t a local bus journey I was looking for, but at least I’m now in air-conditioned big seat comfort.


Heading through Jementah.


Heading through Tangkak. I was expecting a stop in Tangkak according to the CTS system route, but seems like the bus was already full from Segamat anyway, and no stop was made.

Turning to the PLUS Highway at Tangkak.

Tangkak Toll Plaza

Heading through the Tangkak Toll Plaza.

Turning on to the PLUS Highway and ending my local roads adventure today.

154km to Kuala Lumpur from here.

R&R Kampung Bemban

The driver pulled in to R&R Kampung Bemban at 7.17pm – 1 minute before the Maghrib prayer in Melaka. Those breaking fast can eat outside the bus at R&R Kampung Bemban.

The bus stopped at the nearest available lot for Iftar.

This stop also doubles up as a toilet break.

Food trucks are also available at R&R Kampung Bemban selling snacks and drinks.

More buses started to quickly pile in at Iftar time.

Heading back to my bus.

The bus departed from R&R Kampung Bemban at 7.38pm, making it a 20-minute stop for Iftar.

Sungai Besi Toll Plaza

Heading out of Sungai Besi Toll Plaza from the PLUS Highway.

The bus toll costed RM11.89 from Tangkak to Sungai Besi. Not bad.

No idea why Serdang Raya Utara MRT Station is located at the toll plaza. It’s not like I can just hop off and bring the bus along on board the MRT instantly from the highway.

Turning in to Terminal Bersepadu Selatan (TBS).

Crossing the bridge to Terminal Bersepadu Selatan (TBS).

Entering the Terminal Bersepadu Selatan (TBS) bus area.

Heading up to the arrival berths.

KL TBS (Terminal Bersepadu Selatan)

My KKKL Express bus arrived at KL TBS (Terminal Bersepadu Selatan) at 9.06pm, making this a journey of 3 hours and 1 minute, or 3 hours and 6 minutes if taking the scheduled departure time.

Heading up the bridge to the arrival hall.

The arrival hall of Terminal Bersepadu Selatan (TBS).


While KKKL may be the only operator on the Segamat-KL route, it remains reliable and departs fairly on time with just a 5-minute delay. There’s also a proper system for ticket checking, and cleanliness standards remain high on board the bus, even checking passengers for potential drinks spillage before boarding. Buses now depart around every 2 hours during daylight hours only, so I’m not sure if capacity is sufficient, considering that I took a full bus that I had to book 5 days in advance for for this 3-hour journey to KL.

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